Friday, June 1, 2007

Public Service Announcement: PLEASE READ

And with the recent rash of Real-Money Trading ads - and the corresponding backlash from the Southeast Asian community of Granado Espada, comes another problem:

The current front page of [includes the most recent statement about the banner].

Please be warned: Granado Cafe is proud to be affiliated with the Real Money Trader Granado Mart.

Anyone remember the plagiarism incident back in Closed Beta? A member of posted guides and material from - and neglected to give credit where credit was due.

Sure, they took the material off eventually - after the community complained about it!

If I might suggest - please let's not support They have had a bad record in the past and are only compounding their wrongdoings by proudly announcing a sponsorship from a Real Money Trader. What they're doing is against the rules and an insult to the players' community of Granado Espada. So let's all get together and do something about it.

If you can help disseminate the message across all four servers - please do, and thanks.

Stop linking to

Do not support Real Money Trading.

EDITED TO ADD: GranadoCafe is now in talks with GranadoMart re: taking off the banner, and shortening of sponsorship period.

Good luck getting there, guys. Especially as GranadoMart is, I'm sure, raking in the publicity, negative as it is - and that means both groups are still blacklisted for me.

[The only reason I keep tabs on them is to make sure they don't even attempt to take material from this blog.

God help them if they do that.]


filsimmer said...


Can't believe that place got sponsored with such services. Didn't know the place was hated amongst our community.

Thanks fot the update. I'll show my support now.

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

Not so much hated, I suppose, as avoided.

This should be even more reason to avoid them like the plague.

Anonymous said... owns

Here are your facts:
Domain name:

Chris Sim II (KKHR6)
Bukit Merah
Singapore, Singapore 678189
Phone: +1 (184) 512-4751 ext.5
Domain name:

Chris Sim II (K74FH)
Bukit Merah
Singapore, Singapore 678189
Phone: +1 (845) 124-7515

Chris Sim II owned both domains as of June 5, 2007.

NineMoons Family said...

@ anon

perhaps you might also consider submitting your information to the people at IAH? go to the official website, click on the support tab, and go to game feedback to submit a ticket.

thank you also for reposting this information on the other entry...but no need to do that in future, thank you.