Monday, April 23, 2007

My idea for a Granado Espada promotion: Flash mob

The term "flash mob", in current parlance, refers to a large group of people who gather suddenly in a public place - a mall, a park, a street corner, a busy intersection such as you'd find in Tokyo, an MRT station, a lobby of a building - do something unusual for a short period of time [usually no more than 30 minutes], then disperse just as quickly as they arrived.

According to Wikipedia, there is also the "distributed" variant of flash mob, in which multiple flash mobs in multiple areas are coordinated to happen more or less all at the same time.

Flash mobs are greatly helped along in coordination and logistics by modern technology, such as SMS, instant messaging, and mobile e-mail.

I think the closest local equivalent might have been EDSA Dos - after the decision to not open that fateful envelope was made, after a female senator of that time horrified the nation with her celebratory dance, the text messages flew far and wide to tell people "We must gather! We must protest!" And so the crowds began to converge on the EDSA Shrine - thus toppling a presidency.


On the more off-beat and fun side, though, flash mobs have involved everything from pillow fights, to a rendition of the song-and-dance routine that is the end
sequence of the cult anime hit The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya [Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu].

[Thanks to Tsubaki at Anime Desho Desho? for that video link.]

So that set me thinking, why not a Granado Espada Flash Mob? After all, don't we already have the wild, weird, and wacky Poses as crafted by the one and only Andre Janzur?

My idea would be for a group of the Closed Beta Testers to get together in a public place - like the Mall of Asia, or the atrium at Glorietta, or even the garden area at Greenbelt 4 - for the express purpose of drawing attention to the upcoming Pre-Open Beta Test phase by doing some of the funniest poses from the game.

The Testers would assemble at a time when there were a lot of people in the chosen public place, do a pre-arranged sequence of poses in unison [and in silence], and then quickly disperse afterwards.

The other players might bring their posters, or wear their shirts, pins, and hats, in order to arouse more curiosity from the, it is hoped, audience interested in what could bring on an "attack" like this.

Any takers on that half-headstand thing, for example? Or what about that Hadouken pose, or the hugs?

What about pulling reenactments of the funny screenshots used in the contests at the forums, at, and at

Send in your comments and suggestions - it might be nice to do this immediately before POBT starts, so as to attract the most attention.

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