Sunday, May 13, 2007

Putting it together: NineMoons's Pre-Open Beta Test FAQ

Please pay attention - there will be a quiz at the end.

No, I'm only kidding - but I *will* be including something extra for you.

In the meantime, please read the following carefully, and heed what is being said.

Q. How do I sign up for a GE account?
A. Sign up here
for an IAH Games Passport.

This link is also found in the sidebar Official Sites, and at the official GE site.

Q. How do I get the game client?
A. You need to download a completely new client, called the POBT Client or the Version 2.0 client.

You can no longer use your CBT client, if you had one. There is no patch from CBT to POBT - you need to get the POBT client.

Direct downloaders: get the client from the main servers and mirrors listed here.

Torrenters: please refer to this forum thread posted by original seeder Tsubaki.

Read his entire post first before attempting the download. Pay attention to his FAQ, too.

Q. How do I activate the game?
A. Follow the instructions in this news article.

Q. What do I need to know about the POBT?
A. Hrin puts it together in this news article posted at the official website.

The gist, though, includes the following:

- POBT officially opens on 17 May 2007 - Thursday - 1200 (GMT +8). That's 12 noon Singapore time on Thursday, 17 May. No one can log in to the game until then.

If you won a 2-day advance pass, though, you can log in starting 15 May 2007 - Tuesday - 1200 (GMT +8). [Lucky you!]

The winners of the pass will be receiving emails from IAH Games on 13 May [that's today], and they'll need to follow the instructions contained in the emails very carefully.

- As earlier stated: there is NO patch from CBT Client to POBT Client. See the second question above for details on obtaining the POBT client.

- There will be NO IP bans. So all international players are welcome to play.

- The question of F2P vs. P2P has NOT been settled yet. When IAH Games has come to its decision regarding this, there will be an announcement on the official website and in the official forums.

In the meantime, the POBT phase is free to play.

- According to the distributors, installers will be made available after the POBT launch. Again, they will announce when the installers will become available.

In the Philippines, the game client will be released in CD format.

In Malaysia and Singapore, the game client will be released in DVD format.

- Cervantes server has the Baron Mode turned ON. In ordinary terms: PK is ALLOWED, although you have to be in Baron Mode to PK.

- On the other hand, Carracci server has the Baron Mode turned OFF. In ordinary terms: PK is NOT ALLOWED. Carracci is the "carebear" server.

- Both servers WILL be hosting the Colony Wars, and a tentative schedule has been drawn up and included in this article.

It bears repeating: please read the above carefully, and heed what is being said.

If there are any more questions:

- Leave a comment here, and I will do my best to answer them.

- Leave a comment at Hrin's blog.

- Read the news at the official site.

- Search the official forums first. If your question does not seem to be answered there, then post it.


Here's the something extra, as promised.

This trailer for version 2.2 was originally linked on the forums by Pyronin.

So head over to this thread
and show him some love.

This video comes with a title: Witches of Balanar.

If you can't see it on this page, click here.

Sorry it hasn't been translated into English yet. I'll hunt around for a more understandable version
when it comes out.

This is what I can figure out from watching it, though: the titular witches of the video might be a new set of bosses or mobs that the pioneer families can fight. There's likely to be a new dungeon, too - the Witches' lair.

The witch stirring the cauldron at the end is actually an NPC that the characters can interact with, and who can give them missions and quests. You can even get a version of her pointy hat for your female wizard, if you're lucky.

Princess Gabriella and Simon Ayende react to news of the witches, and only they know what they'll have the members of their groups do....

Grace Bernelli's nemesis, Sorceress Cherlyn [the final boss of the Tetra Ruins dungeon], makes a comeback....

New NPCs include Karjalainen, who fights with a Bracelet of Ice and a rapier - therefore making her the opposite number of Panfilo de Narvaez [who fights with a Bracelet of Fire and any sword or sabre].

Viki, the kid with the dog as big as he is, reminds me so much of Nelo from the tearjerker story and anime Dog of Flanders. But he's not to be underestimated - he seems to be a scout, and there's that part of the video where he seems to be summoning that huge rock elemental....

[That all-kid team of Ramiro, Tiburcio and Viki might be worth putting together.]

Jack the Engineer, Diego / Yeganeh, and Selden, the original Construction guys, get a female counterpart: the new RNPC Angie.


Everybody take a deep breath - 17 May is just around the corner, and it's almost time for the New World to open up before us once again....

And to the lucky ones who won the 2-day advance pass, and will venture into Granado Espada on Tuesday - we wish you bon voyage and the best of luck!


Jac said...


Wow just watching the video brought back good memories, aah if only it'd ran that smooth here.

not really a question question but you think we'll have model figures?


NineMoons Family said...


you should suggest that on the forums first - and if enough people like the idea, then we might just get them....

I'd like a figure of a male wiz in the Clara mago robes, myself.

Lionheartz said...

hey ninemoons =P
just a comment... structure build isn't Angie's unique stance. It's actually Diego's stance. Diego uses structure build instead of Jack's construction. He builds giant rotating blades which does AOE damage =P

Angie's the 2nd person to use it
just FYI


NineMoons Family said...


I stand corrected! editing now...

thanks, and I hope to see you soon in GE!

Ynlraey said...

Excuse me I'm one of the close beta testers but I can't activate my account? What should I do? They gave me some Activation Code something :(

NineMoons Family said...


sorry, but all of the CBT accounts have been deactivated. no one can use their old CBT account names and passwords any more.

I hope you downloaded the POBT client.

Activation Code - this might mean that you received a 2-day advance pass. please follow the instructions in that email. you'll be able to activate the game in a few minutes, and be able to play at 12noon Singapore time.

I hope that is helpful. if you do get into the game, please PM me - NineMoons - perhaps on Thursday.

or, yes, please comment again if you have any more questions.

Anonymous said...

There's a problem with the Patch Client X_X Should I download the new patch client or the old one will work just fine?

NineMoons Family said...


what sort of problem are you having?

think it's best for you to go to the forums and read through the bug reports and general problems threads, as that might be able to help you.