Sunday, May 13, 2007

News for the coming week

In this latest blog post, Hrin gives us the lowdown on some of the most important issues being discussed in preparation for the start of the Pre-Open Beta Test phase next week: the two servers, the necessity of the download, and the exact time for the start of POBT. She also discusses some rumors - IP bans, F2P vs. P2P, installation CDs / DVDs - and gives the tentative schedule for the much-awaited Colony Wars.

And, here's a new Granado Espada site, with new wallpapers. I think that the best part of that site, though, is the fact that you can listen to the in-game music while browsing its features!

Until we can play, or until the music is offered in the official site's downloads section - I hope the music will tide you over until then.


I've finished my own download of the POBT client and have installed it on my machine.

Of all the loading screens, my favorite is the one where the background is the interior of the Grandice Arcade, in the City of Auch.


*rubs hands frantically together*

*itching to play....*


Jac said...

-Jazz Hands!- lol, the new info by hrin sure was nice to have but we can always get something extra ;) nice website and the musique oh sublime

i shall buy the cd, ^^ and the figures lol, if they ever come out i shall..^^ you cant tell that i like them bad.

Cheers Nine^^

NineMoons Family said...


i'm saving up for the posters myself.

and pins! and caps! and a t-shirt!

cheers to you, too ^^