Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NineMoons's Last Stand: 2008's Best Posts

I had been hoping that it would not come to this. But if I'm going out, I'm going out with a bang.

NineMoons's Last Stand, Part 1: The best posts from 2008

NineMoons at POGS 2008
Grace Bernelli and the Art of Dying

Dekaravia Owns Cervantes
The 2nd GE PH Bloggers' Meeting
World Premiere: Not Another Love Story Ze Musical

For Love of the Game
FFA Grand Finale: The Philippines Rocks Machinima
Post-FFA Rant
NineMoons's First Anniversary
NineMoons Moves to Carracci
Not Another Love Story, all versions
GE PH Community Heroes
Tribute to the Ladies

NineMoons's Convention Guide, Part 1
Dom1nation II: Cosplay and Factions
Dom1nation II: FFA Winners, GE PH Community Heroes
Dinner with RCM Hrin

I Believe in seaGE
GVCs Rant, Part 1
GVCs Rant, Part 2

Takhisis Faction Anniversary EB
The Five Servers of SEA / ANZ Granado Espada
GE Hangaroo, Version 1.0
Introducing Granado Espada to Gamers

Introducing Granado Espada to Non-Gamers
GE Hangaroo, Version 1.2
NineMoons at the IGN.com Vault
50k Hits
If These Girls Played GE
NineMoons Makes Vet

NineMoons and the One about the GE Gamer Girls
An Adventurer is You!
GE PH Mini Community Meeting with CM Aethrin
Vetting a Musk
GE PH First Anniversary
NineMoons's Convention Guide, Part 2
GE PH Black Party
The One About The Faithful Granado Espada Blogger

NineMoons as Faction Leader: ShenAnCalhar
A Gamer Girl's Lament
e-Games Hosts the GE PH Gamer Girls
The Two Servers of SEA / ANZ Granado Espada
Presenting the NineMoons Family Grabber
Game! November 2008 Features GE Gamer Girls
Five Hundred Posts

Now is your chance to relive with me my memories of this year in Granado Espada. Please comment away!


Alcarcalimo said...

The end for blogging about GE or playing GE altogether? Yikes, the GE community will lose so much with you not there.

Is it also true you're going to Atlantica Online?

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ alcarcalimo

the end for both blogging and playing GE. someone has encouraged me to take a break and come back once Third Civilization has been settled in, and i'm thinking about it. but for now, i'm out.

and it's true i'm now playing AO.

Jeremy said...

Well, in the NA version, the traditional comment when someone quits is "Can I have your stuff?"

But since that's not applicable here, I'll just say I really have apreciated your blog. It was always fascinating and inspired me to start mine.

(I tried Atlantica Online myself back in the beta. Fun, but I found the crafting system too cumbersome and the stamina system too limiting)

PJ Punla AKA Nine Moons said...

@ Jeremy

*giggles* at the thought of you asking for stuff. i understand that, though. since i want to leave open the possibility of returning in the future, i think i will keep my things around for now.

thanks for appreciating the blog. i don't intend to take it down, so it will always stand as a resource for the players aroudn the globe. it's just not going to be updated any more....

(funnily, i love the crafting system in AO, and think there is a method and a viable reason for the stamina system....but that's something else to talk about, and not here.)