Thursday, March 13, 2008

Post-FFA: NineMoons does a recap

[Original idea, of course, from my director's rant. Ha ha, enabler much? XD]

So. The first Fantazzztic Film Awards are all over but for the shouting. It'll be a good three weeks before the Grand Finale winners can receive their prizes since there'll be some sort of presentation at the next e-Games event.

And here I am, contributing a faint shout.

First, before I go on: have a look at how I feel right now.

facepalm of epic fail

[I leave it to you as an exercise to figure out who exactly all these characters are; for myself, I'm massively pleased that Kyon, Major Armstrong, Zelgadis, Charles Beams, and even Harima Kenji are on this image. They may be expressing epic fail, but the pic itself is epic WIN.]

Is it too much to ask to see the judges' comments now? Maybe the official announcement of winners was rushed because too many people were clamoring for it, but it can't be too late to add in the judges' thoughts on the winning films yet, is it?

Things NineMoons has learned from joining the FFA:

1. Before you do anything else, read the rules. In fact, it is okay to be paranoid about some parts of the rules.

The section I'm thinking of here is the part where all the deadlines were announced ahead of time. There were even multiple reminders. Most important of all, the deadlines were stated as plainly as possible in the submission threads.

2. It is extremely bad form to hijack forum threads. I mean, really, this one goes all the way back to Emily Post, Grand High Priestess and Arbiter of Good Manners and Right Conduct if there ever was one.

Forum threads are intended to be conversations that head in a definite direction, as stated clearly in the title of any given thread. Keep the conversation on topic. Do not interrupt it for any irrelevancies, least of all the inanity of simply squeeing at friends - and ignoring the rest of the people already posting in the thread at it.

3. Favoritism is an absolute no-no. [The perfect segue!] Never, never, but NEVER give anyone any reason to think one is favoring one's friends over others. This applies to anyone in any position of power, and it especially applies to bloggers.

Ever notice why I dropped the fan blogs listing from this blog? I wanted the list to be all-inclusive. ALL of the sGE fan blogs out there that I hear of go into my links list, and I keep this list updated through judicious use of the Internet. Go look at that list. There's a reason why there are a whopping 134 items on it.

4. Machinima is a new emerging art form and we should be happy to get in on it while it's growing. Granado Espada is just one of a long list of games that have been chosen as machinima sources. But just look at the company GE is keeping: the Halo series, the Half-Life games, The Sims, and hell, even World of Warcraft. Those are only among THE biggest video games in the world. We are in such bloody good company, and people yet have the utter nerve to disparage BOTH GE and machinima. Shame on you.

5. It's always best to keep an ear to the ground and an eye to the horizon. The late, lamented John Lennon said "
Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans". While you've been too busy fixing your make-up and sewing your next fancy-dress outfit, people have been trying to do good, to win glory and honor for all, and to help others out.

If you've been too busy with superficial plans to pay attention to these people who only want to do well by others, you have no right in the world to put them down. Pay bloody attention!

Anyone who feels hit by my statements better consider WHY they feel slighted. I have not intended to say these things lightly. And it should tell you something VERY significant that I waited THIS long to speak out.

...Is it too late for me to wish I had a different forum title? My director's already been honored for his legendary status, and more power to him. What about me? XD

To the next year of blogging!


Anonymous said...

*teary eyed*

An Overwhelming Article..

1 word

anothe rone


hope those people open up their mind and realize their mistakes...

you deserve a noble prize XD!

NineMoons Family said...

@ darrick

i've always been grateful for the support and for the enabling - i owe you a lot, maraming salamat ^^

Lady 'K said...

Indeed, i pray for all of us To have more years of Blogging! ^_^v

Cngratulations on having 1 year of unrelenting blogging (despite having it's pro's and cons) and of course, for winning the FFA...

libre naman jan! hehe! :)

Hope to see you around ninemoons!

NineMoons Family said...

@ lady 'k

thank you so much for your kind words! i will try to keep going as best as i can - and i hope kayo rin!

sama ka na kasi sa susunod na inuman eh ^^

i will try to buy at least a round of drinks when the prizes arrive in April ^^

hope to see you around, dear!

DeSanggria said...


NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

*looks around for a colony tower to break*

or are we trying to break someONE here?


Panda Bash!

DeSanggria said...

basagan as in basagan sa lashengan! XDDDD

we can also break people's legs if you want. bohahahahaa!!

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

another round of margaritas, at the very least? i could live with that ^^

breaking people's heads is more my style, i want to find out if my enemies have real brains XD *evil*

*turns into a fox*