Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A visit to the Cite de Reboldoeux smith

Something odd I've noticed in my travels through Granado Espada is the phenomenon of people paying needlessly high prices for some items. The ones I'm thinking of are the metal-type forging materials Steel Piece, Composite Steel and Cast Iron. Some players pay upwards of 10k per piece for the latter two items - and that's expensive, given you can actually make those items by yourself!

That's right. Here's my quick guide to helping you save some money on those all-important metal items.

First, you need to take some very low-leveled characters in your barracks. Take, say, an experienced scout [any level over 20 will do], and perhaps those newly-acquired Angie, Viki, or Catherine RNPCs of yours. Since all of those start out at really low levels, you can both train them, and use them to farm some handy drops for you.

[The experienced scout is a personal preference of mine, but there's no reason why you shouldn't try this with a Level 1 scout.]

Use Cite de Reboldoeux as your save point, and make sure you know where the Smith NPC is - he's at one end of the shopping street, opposite the Consumable Items Merchant and the Bullet Dispenser.

To level up your fledgling team, hit the Reboldoeux Stone Pit and farm for Copper Pieces.

There seems to be a craze for those right now in Cervantes server, and Vet-level players are paying well for these. Can anyone tell me why? Also save up your Copper Pieces for the quests to get Viki's Amicus stance book - you're going to need around 200, so farm for them here.

Once the members have hit level 10 or so, move to the Al Quelt Moreza dungeon and hang out in the Nartex for the next 10 levels or so. Keep all of the Iron Pieces you get here.

When you've built up a good stock of the Iron and Copper Pieces, head back to Cite de Reboldoeux, and drop those items off in your Item Vault. Proceed to the King's Garden to farm for Bulk Coal items. You're going to need a lot of these.

Alternatively, you can kick Dilos Latemn's ass, and get into the Arcade of Al Quelt Moreza to collect Bulk Coal items.

When you've reached level 20-25, change maps to the Tetra Hill. The Phobitan Imps here drop a steadier supply of Steel Pieces, which you can add to your growing stockpile.

[And if you haven't got Viki yet, then farm for Cabosses here too!]

By the time you've leveled up enough to enter the Tetra Ruins, you should have collected a large amount of Steel Pieces and Bulk Coal. Now you can craft a supply of Steel Pieces, Composite Steel or Cast Iron items with the help of the Smith.

To make 1 Steel Piece, give the Smith 1 Iron Piece and 1 Bulk Coal.

To make 1 Composite Steel, give the Smith 5 Steel Pieces and 1 Bulk Coal.

To make 1 Cast Iron, give the Smith 4 Steel Pieces and 1 Copper Piece.

Repeat this process as needed in order to make sure you never run short of those important forging items - which you can now use to build those high-level weapons!

Oh, and when you have enough levels for Prison de Joaquin, you can also farm Composite Steel in Altar of Despair, the second floor of the dungeon.

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renzzz said...

how about Idge? what type of ingredient if i used Idge for crafting?... plsss... give some details... thanks...renzzz

NineMoons Family said...

@ renzzz

if you look carefully at idge's dialogue box when talking to her, you will be able to find out what sort of items she is able to craft. just bring her recipes and the complete materials.

please read the official forums carefully for further details.

renzzz said...

thanks alot...renzzz