Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beta Elections: waiting on the Cervantes results

There were Beta Elections slated tonight.

And half the population of Cervantes server had no clue of what was supposed to be going on.

Anyway, for those of you who were interested in the set of mechanics implemented for this Beta elections, read on.

The process of selecting the Republican President and the Royalist Duke can be broken down into two major steps: one for the faction leaders who can become candidates for those political positions; and one for the citizens of Granado Espada who can vote for their preferred candidates.

Step One: Declaring Candidacy
The only people who can declare candidacies are those who meet the following requirements: are faction leaders, lead Lv.52 factions, and have chosen a political party [Royalists or Republicans].

To declare his or her candidacy, the faction leader needs to wait for the announcement in purple in the chatbox below:

[Notice] The registration for elections has started! You can now register each party leader before the time period ends.

Next, the faction leader can file his or her papers for candidacy at his or her political party's headquarters: either the Reception Hall in Cite de Reboldoeux for the Royalists, or Villa de Libertad in Auch for the
Republicans. The leader must buy the Candidate Registration Form item from the party's Election Manager. This item costs 5M Vis and allows the leader to register as a candidate for his or her party's leadership.

In this picture, the Royalist Election Manager is on the right of Princess Gabriella.

The faction leader/candidate-to-be need merely follow the instructions given by the Election Manager in order to declare his or her candidacy.

Step Two: To the Polls!
To actually be able to vote, a family must be of at least Family Level 10 [press Alt+R to check], and have the Vote Paper / Ballot item. A family can vote even if they do not belong to a faction.

The item can only be obtained from the red-haired Election Support Guides, at least two of which can always be found in the towns, standing next to the Ballot Boxes.

The Ballot can only be obtained after the time period for registration of candidacies is finished, and it can only be used once per election.

Wait for the server announcement to begin voting, then speak with the Election Support Guide to pick up your Ballot. Then click on the ballot box of your choice, select your candidate, and click on the button marked "Vote for preferred..." [literally!] to drop your vote in.

After voting, families are encouraged to return to the Election Support Guide. As a reward for participating in the elections, the Guides will hand out 3 x Election Compensation Potion to each family that voted.

Level 15 buffs OMGWTFBBQ~!

Now, after this beta test in Cervantes server, a few comments and suggestions:

- The registration period for candidacies was too long in the server, maybe because only three faction leaders signed up: aLKayeL of WrathOfGod and Kazel of Halcyon for the Royalists, and That of Vradical for the Republicans. I wonder if the time period for declaring candidacies might be shortened, perhaps to 45 minutes?

- If everyone in one server were to vote, one hour at the polls might not be long enough. I suggest extending voting time to an hour and, say, 15 minutes.

- Some of us in WrathOfGod faction thought it might be nifty to be able to see the votes as they come in, rather as they do during live coverage of actual elections in the real world.

- A good suggestion that came by way of the server broadcasts was, give the candidates a chance to tell the voters why they should vote for them!

As the results in Cervantes have not yet been announced, I will try to update this post with the "winners" later.

Actual elections will be held on a regular basis beginning 2 February 2008.

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