Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Project: SEA/ANZ Granado Espada Hangaroo Version 1.2 is UP! Plus, news and notes pre-GE Version 2.6.3

Project SEA / ANZ Granado Espada Hangaroo Version 1.2: Download it HERE!

GE Hangaroo-blue

That's right! I've finished coding the new set of puzzles for this Flash-based, Granado Espada-inspired free game, based on the mega-popular Hangaroo PC game!

EDITED TO ADD: GE Hangaroo is this week's Featured Fan Submission at the IAHGames GE home page - check it out ^^ Whoever's playing the game in the screen capture there is about to guess Reconquista Policy, whee!


Although, I'm in Caracci now and not in Cervantes....

Instructions for download
1. Download the Hangaroo set-up file. You can either click the link in the previous paragraph to go to the official Hangaroo site, or use this handy direct download link: hangaroo_setup.exe.

2. Save the installer to your drive.

3. Double-click the file to install Hangaroo on your PC.

4. Download the GE-themed puzzles. In Hangaroo, the files where the puzzles are stored are called "phrase files". To play GE Hangaroo, download the latest phrase file here: GE Hangaroo Version 1.2.

5. Save the phrase file to your drive, and rename it "hangaroo.xml".

Instructions for playing GE Hangaroo
1. Double-click the Hangaroo icon to start the game.

2. Go to the MENU button in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

3. Select LOAD PHRASE FILE... from the menu.

4. Go to the directory where you saved the new hangaroo.xml [previously GE Hangaroo Version 1.2], and select it as the phrase file to be used.

5. The game should automatically restart, using the GE-themed puzzles.

GE Hangaroo game play
1. The object of the game is to save the kangaroo from death by hanging. To save him, answer 10 puzzles correctly.

2. Fill in the phrases by typing letters from the keyboard, or clicking the in-game keyboard with the mouse.

3. You can make up to a maximum of three wrong guesses per puzzle. The fourth wrong guess kills the kangaroo instantly!

4. If the kangaroo insults you, don't take it personally; it's his life on the line, after all!

5. You can read my tips, tricks, and strategies for playing GE Hangaroo if you just can't seem to save the kangaroo's life....

Copyright and legal stuff

1. ORIGINAL Hangaroo Game: copyright NetCent Communications.

2. SEA / ANZ GE Hangaroo Phrase File: copyright NineMoons Family.

3. Granado Espada: copyright Kim Hakkyu, IMC Entertainment, IAHGames, etc.

4. Please give all credit where credit is due.

Version 1.2: Notes and credits

1. This expanded Version 1.2 of the SEA / ANZ GE version of Hangaroo currently has around 1600+ phrases in 20+ categories and sub-categories.

2. I intend to keep expanding the custom phrase file, so watch this blog for announcements of new versions.

3. Please feel free to email me your lists of phrases for the seaGE Hangaroo game! Send them to me at
and I will give you credit + copyright mention in the file.

4. Credits for assistance with this version: RCM Hrin, Demetius of Book of Wind.


Whew! Looks like I completed Version 1.2 of GE Hangaroo just in time for the 24-hour maintenance to patch the servers to Granado Espada Version 2.6.3 - The Requiem! Click that link to find out where to download the manual patch from 2.4.x to 2.6.3, as well as a new full client download!

That article also contains patch notes and hints at upcoming features in The Requiem. For some in-depth explanation of those upcoming features, check out the series of The Requiem blog posts over at Tres Mujeres: DeSanggrias in Granado Espada.

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