Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm going to Hataw Hanep Hero after all ^^

Granado Espada joins the Hataw Hanep Hero convention on 1-2 December 2007, at the SM X Convention Center next to the SM Mall of Asia!

Tickets cost Php 100 pesos per day; gates open at 10am. The GE booth will be handing out surprise items to the people who show up on both days.

GE-related events include cosplay and a movie-making workshop for all you FFA participants.

If you present an unscratched GVC card at the GE booth, you get the chance to pick-a-prize from their special fishbowl ^^

Assorted GE merchandise will also be up for sale: the Limited Edition Signature box [now costing Php 2,600], shirts, jackets, caps, and all the stuff you saw at the RL gatherings.

I hope there'll be posters and installers! ^^

And, hey, I wonder if there'll be a special preview for Bahia Island?

More details here.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

You know you might be playing too much Granado Espada when...

You watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End and immediately wondered what stances everyone was using.

Here's my take on it:

Captain Jack, Will, Elizabeth, and Barbossa are ALL fighters, of course. They share one, two, or maybe all of the following stances: Bareknuckle, the non-shield portions of Back-Guard, Middle Guard, and Hack and Slash. Everyone also uses pistols and muskets at some point, so assume they use parts of Freestyle Shot, possibly Double-Gun Shot, and probably Standing Shot as well.

EVERYONE but Elizabeth maxes out Middle Guard, as pirates like sabers/cutlasses in the movies. Her final choice of weapon in the series, the Chinese one-handed sword called the jian, allows her to max out Back-Guard instead.

[Think you've seen that type of sword at the movies before? Another famous example of a jian is the Green Destiny from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.]

Will might also know some of either Epee Garde or Sabre Garde, as he taught himself to fence, and initially moves as a rapier duelist might in the first movie. He primarily uses one-handed swords and sabers throughout the movies, though.

Barbossa uses a rapier, so he definitely knows either Epee Garde, Sabre Garde, or likely even both.

Elizabeth is the only character in the movies to be shown using Heaven or Hell [even if only in promos]. Also, her fighting style/s are primarily derived from Will's, as he was her teacher.

All four also have a working knowledge of cannons, though none actually *use* Jose Cortasar's stance. [Not possible XD]

Obligatory picspam:

Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea. Weapons, according to Wikipedia: cutlass or saber, pistol, and musket.

Elizabeth Swann-Turner, Pirate King of the Brethren Court, Pirate Lord of the South China Sea. Weapons: jian, cutlass, pistol, musket, and grenades.

William Turner, Captain of the Flying Dutchman. Weapons: hatchet, cutlass, knife, pistol.

Captain Hector Barbossa, Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea [plus Jack the monkey]. Weapons: rapier, pistol, grenades.

Elizabeth Swann-Turner again. This picture comes from some of the promotions for the third movie. She's not actually seen doing this during the movie itself.

Hmm. Maybe I'll do that at some point: a GE-themed POTC marathon. And a faction called the Brethren Court!

Captain Jack Sparrow
Pirate King Elizabeth Turner
Captain Will Turner
Captain Hector Barbossa

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WrathOfGod shoutout: because I can ^^

I just wanted to talk briefly about teh awesomeness of the new friends I've made and the uber-support of these enthusiastic players.

I give you: WrathOfGod faction in Cervantes server.

Led by aLKayeL plus the deputies Callisto, Catastrophic and Yeow, WOG have been active since the closed beta tests, and have remained united until now.

You guys rock - and I'm looking forward to a long stay with you ^^


Also wanted to highlight some of the WOG members' blogs here:

Malzias family - and look, the latest post is another CW report!

PlayGalX family - lots of fun screenshots ^^


BTW, if anyone's interested, I'll be covering the Hellgate: London press launch tomorrow. They've finally gotten around to formally announcing it here in the Philippines! I'll see if I can post a report and the usual coverage picspam....

Launch is postponed until the partners [I assume that's someone from IAH + someone from Flagship?] can actually drop in to participate.

Personally, that's a pretty good reason to cancel. It will be shiny indeed if Hellgate's CM Angelace and the dudes from Flagship [the guys who helped make Diablo, duh] could make an appearance, and I for one am happy to wait for such serendipity. ^^

Monday, November 26, 2007

Bellem Boxes: Granado Espada's equivalent of the lottery

While waiting for yesterday's Colony Wars I finally decided to do something I'd been dying to try for a good long time.

There's this guy in Cervantes server who periodically broadcasts that he sells Bellem's Boxes in bulk, so much per piece and so much per hundred pieces. I'd been thinking of patronizing his shop, since I wanted to find out how random the drops from such an item was.

I kind of wanted to find out how "lucky" I was in terms of random numbers and stuff.

So last night I picked up a hundred Bellem's Boxes from the seller, and hied off to a quiet corner of the Grandice Arcade in Auch to push my luck.

Here's a tally of the stuff that came out:

Healing Potions - I thought I'd get like a ton of this as my friends had always reported that was often all they got out of their Bellem's Boxes; but it barely came up to half the drops I got.
Soul Potion
Ferruccio Bread
Layered Cheesecake
Resurrection Potion
Healing Ampule

Spinelles - For some of these I got more than one.
Sabel Tiger - Lv9x!
Doggy Panzer
Dandelion Gorilla
Mucerati [Gladiator?]
Demonic Priest
Larval Dragonwasp
Arop - Lv8x
Wahlansche - the mini-boss of Porto Bello Deserted Quay
Striped Spider
Eripmav - Lv8x

Forging et cetera
Refined Talt
Enchantment Chip Lv48
Refined Etretanium
Bulk of Gold
Refined Quartz
Copper Piece
Pure Aidanium
Steel Piece
Iron Piece

Recoilless Cannon
Hard-Leather Armor
Royal Guardian - I got two; one was white and the other was yellow.
Dread Buster
.32 Cal. Brown Bess
Tempest Bracelet
Phrase d'Armes
Parrying Dagger

Hmm. It's not as much of a disappointment as I'd feared, as I got those fairly cool high-level spinelles to annoy people with and/or to use during Colony Wars. But clearly, it isn't the greatest prize draw in the history of the game, either, with all the randomized drops and everything.

I wonder if it would be too much to ask that Bellem's Boxes be calibrated by level? I remember the OBB and OPB in RO, and how the former just dropped random stuff while the latter had a higher chance of dropping rare items.

The Andre's Costume Boxes and Karjalainen's Accessory Boxes are kind of in their own category altogether, considering they have a very restricted roster of objects to drop. [Plus, hella expensive whether you get them in Vis or as part of packages for G-Points.]

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Colony Wars update: Fenrir and Illuminati take the week off

And by "take the week off", I mean they skipped Colony Wars in Cervantes server this week, for the most part. Neither Fenrir nor Illuminati currently hold any colonies; most of Granado Espada's territories currently fall under the sway of an assortment of factions.


Congratulations to GuardsOfHonour, Fukkatsu, Vradical, Halcyon, and WrathOfGod for successfully acquiring/defending their colonies!

Owing to Fenrir and Illuminati's collective hiatus, the list of factions declaring war on each other seems slightly shorter, but it is much more varied this week, as many different factions vied for new colonies to conquer.

[If I've missed any declarations, please feel free to add them in the comments. I'll update the list and credit you ^^]

Halcyon v Fenrir
Vradical v Fenrir
Apathy v Fenrir - truced
WrathOfGod v Fenrir
Apathy v MaFiaCLuB™ - truced
GuardsOfHonour v Fenrir - truced
WrathOfGod v Apathy - truced, re-declared war, truced
GuardsOfHonour v Apathy - truced
FallenAngels v MaFiaCLuB™ - truced
†BuRaOt†aLlStaR† v MaFiaCLuB™
FallenAngels v Fukkatsu
GuardsOfHonour v
MaFiaCLuB™ - truced
GrandLodge v
MaFiaCLuB™ - truced
FallenAngels v GuardsOfHonour - truced
GrandLodge v GuardsOfHonour - truced
FallenAngels v Apathy - truced

In addition, the following truces were declared to resolve war declarations from last week:

BaRoN™ v MaFiaCLuB™
BaRoN™ v WrathOfGod


Notes from WrathOfGod:

The word in Granado Espada Cervantes was that Fenrir faction had been planning to skip this Colony Wars session since last week, as some of its members were going on vacation. With this in mind, WrathOfGod and our allies decided to take the Fenrir colonies, and see if they would have to deal with any Illuminati planning a comeback.

As it turned out, neither of the two strong factions wound up participating; the world map was then open to occupation by new factions.

I went back to defense duty at Pradera de Ceniza, and met up with several other WrathOfGod defenders. Some were participating for the first time in Colony Wars, and some were seasoned veterans. There were Jack RNPCs at the ready to construct defenses and buffs, and a host of Levitation wizards, M'Bomas, and Emilia the Sages.

We had a fairly quiet time of it during most of the Colony Wars session, and we once again killed time by leveling off the dogs in the map:


There were some attempts at fighting from members of Fenrir and BaRoN™ factions, but overall, us defenders at Pradera de Ceniza simply went for the "Constant vigilance!" path.

Some Illuminati families actually did a Diablo raid during the Colony Wars session, so we could see some of them crossing on the map. Once the raid was done, a few of the raiders dropped in on us to simply watch the action unfold at the colony.

One of the defenders also brought along a collection of high-level spinelles, so we also got in some target practice at big mobs such as the Fallen Champion, the Sabel Tiger, Vladimir, and the Phobitan Chieftain.

The faction's attack teams were kept busy assisting allied factions in claiming colonies, and we even gained one more during the session: the colony at El Lago de Tres Hermanas. There was quite a celebration when that announcement flashed up on the UI. ^^

At around 9:30pm Singapore time I went looking at the other colonies to see how they were holding up.

This week's prize, the El Lago de Tres Hermanas colony.

Our "surprise" colony from last week, the Ferruccio Junction colony.

And at the close of the Colony Wars session, everyone hied over to the El Lago de Tres Hermanas colony for a celebratory photoshoot:

[Will post more photos from the forums after I obtain permission ^^]

Is this the downfall of Fenrir and/or Illuminati? Or are they hiding a diabolical plan to retake their colonies up their sleeves? What happens next to Cervantes server? Stay tuned for next week's session!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

The v. 2.4.x roundup: media mash ahoy!

The Granado Espada higher-ups have certainly been teasing us with informations and tidbits about the upcoming Tropical Island / Bahia Island patch!

First, the video:

Now, here's pCM Veya's series of features on the upcoming RNPCs included with this patch:

Kurt Lyndon, Edward Jameson, and Gavin Jameson - the men of v.2.4.x

Viki - the kid of v.2.4.x

Feng Ling, Karjalainen, and Angie McKenzie - the ladies of v.2.4.x [no mention of Rosa Blanca and Selva yet, though]

Meanwhile, RCM Hrin talks about new costumes that will become available in v.2.4.x:

Viki, Catherine Summoner, and Catherine non-Summoner

Female wizard, Gracielo, and Lorch


And, bonus! The Southernsky family sneak peek at a new character class in v.2.5.x - the Bard type, as exemplified by the upcoming new RNPC Vicente Rio!

Formerly known as the Enhancer in the City of Auch ^^


NineMoons's costume wish list:





[Of course those are all female - those are for my girls in Cervantes XD]

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The new-and-improved November issue of Game! is finally out!

This month's Granado Espada feature in the November print edition of local online gaming mag GAME! Magazine is all about "Getting Ready for the Endgame". This particular article was a collaboration between me and Welling - me as the primary writer/editor, and him as the source for a lot of the high-level information. [Because he's a vet, duh, while I'm still a lowly 6x ^^]

First, here's the cover, so you can easily spot it on your local magazine shop's shelves:


I keep having to say, "Excuse me" for the non-GE cover. It's about time the game got pride of place and the glory of the front cover, I say!

And here's the usual first-page teaser of the article, scanned in for you:


Comments: the lead time on these articles is usually about a month, and once submitted, I can't really do much for rewrites and updates before the issue goes to press. So I've already spotted some errors in the text, and remembered some things that should have gone into the article. Oh well.

And also, yeah, some of those screenshots feature my main Cervantes team - with a different faction affiliation because of the aforementioned lead time. Many of the other screenshots feature Welling in turn. The odd thing is that a lot of his shots include a GM - were they following him around or something? That's so intriguing!

The three sidebars we included all have something to do with dungeons: the Forgotten Territories, the "Sacred Dungeon of Underground Relics" in Pradera de Ceniza, and the Skull Dungeon.

I've already been assigned the topic for the December 2007-January 2008 holiday double issue, so please watch out for that one ^^

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Game! articles: Announcing The NineMoons Interviews!

[A little overdue, but SO worth it, I promise...]

The second of my Granado Espada blogger interviews has gone online at Game! Magazine ^^

First it was DeSanggria.

Now, please enjoy my interview with GE player/blogger/cosplayer Joy a.k.a. Ligaya!

You can also visit Ligaya's GE blog: Cartas y Dibujos con la Familia Lucido.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Recruitment post: the Vespanola Times needs YOU!

[I've really got to Photoshop a recruitment poster together, kind of like that iconic Uncle Sam image.]

Okay, five servers, Colony Wars in every server every Sunday night [GMT+8], right?

We're kind of shorthanded here at the Vespanola Times War Correspondents Bureau. You see, the Reclusion brothers and Mena are our guys in Carracci server. DeSanggria reports from Caravaggio server. And I file my field notes from Cervantes server.

We're kind of in need of people who can report on the Colony Wars sessions from Vivaldi and Pachelbel servers. It's not just for the sake of completion, you know - I kind of think it'd be really interesting to see how each of the five servers' political situations changes every week.

And these are exciting times to be Colony Wars correspondents! From all indications, the three "C" servers have all been thrown into action-packed times following periods of server domination! Every week there are new developments that affect most, if not all, of the factions in each world, and the Colony Wars correspondents post reports from front-row seats to the action!

We need at least ONE reporter from each of the two servers to help complete the team of War Correspondents! Pachelbel and Vivaldi demand representation in the weekly updates from Granado Espada's Colony Wars frontlines!

If you've got a blog, participate actively in the weekly Colony Wars sessions, and most importantly are from Pachelbel and Vivaldi, there are two ways to sign up: you can leave a comment on this post, or you can send an email to desanggria AT gmail DOT com.

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon.

[P.S. Want extra motivation? Join the War Correspondents team and be featured EVERY WEEK at

23 October war reports
09 November war reports

13 November war reports

19 November war reports

Your reports will be included in sGE's official news!

Step up to the plate and be one of your server's War Correspondents now! You know you wanna ^^]

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Colony Wars update: the revolution is upon us!

Before my report on the momentous events happening in today's Colony Wars session, I give you: the new world map of Granado Espada [Cervantes server].


First note of interest: Illuminati faction seem to have taken the week off. The first hint of this came in this blog post by Arcleaumont. You can see in that cropped screenshot of the faction chat where miyake makes a statement to that effect.

Later on, during tonight's war, a source confirmed for me that Illuminati were absenting themselves from this week's Colony Wars.

As they had been allied with Illuminati, Fenrir faction also took a hard hit in this week's Colony Wars. Many factions declared war on them, hoping to take a colony or two for themselves.

Taking advantage of such a leave of absence and the ensuing imbalance in that alliance, several factions both old and new stormed in to stamp their names all over the world map: Vradical, Halcyon, Apathy, WrathOfGod, Fukkatsu, GuardsOfHonour, and MaFiaCLuB™ factions.

And that's the reason why the map above looks like it's been through a hell of a revolution. ^^

Here's a list of the factions that declared war on each other. Those lines marked "truced" mean that the truce was declared during the Colony Wars session; other truces were declared after, and are not noted here.

[If you feel this list is incomplete, please leave a comment and I'll update the list accordingly, with credit.]

Vradical v Illuminati
Vradical v Fenrir [added by Kumbee]
WrathOfGod v Illuminati
Fukkatsu v Illuminati
Fenrir v Fukkatsu
FallenAngels v Illuminati
MaFiaCLuB™ v Illuminati
GrandLodge v Illuminati
Eurynomous v Illuminati
FallenAngels V Fenrir - truced
Halcyon v Fenrir
ReBirth v Illuminati
GrandLodge v Fenrir - truced
WrathOfGod v Fenrir
GuardsOfHonour v Fenrir
BLackHoPE v Fenrir - truced
MaFiaCLuB™ v Fenrir - truced
ReBirth v FallenAngels - truced
MonoChrome v Illuminati
Eurynomous v Fenrir
MonoChrome v Fenrir - truced
TEriYaki v FallenAngels - truced
TEriYaki v Fenrir - truced
Apathy v Fenrir
DolceVita v Fenrir
TEriYaki v Vradical - truced
ReBirth v Fenrir
TEriYaki v WrathOfGod - truced
FallenAngels v Vradical - truced

Included in this list is one declaration of war that had been made during the previous week, and was resolved in honorable truce during the Colony Wars session:

BaRoN™ v FallenAngels - truced

Of particular note are the new / younger factions that have captured colonies and / or were active during the struggle for those colonies. Apathy faction is the present owner of the colony at Rio Albi; Eurynomous, TEriYaki, and MaFiaCLuB™ were active during the battles for the colonies.


Notes from WrathOfGod:

Last week WrathOfGod faction, of which I'm currently a member, managed to grab the Pradera de Ceniza colony and keep it to the end. With that in mind, and wanting to help the faction, I signed up to help defend the colony.

Many of the faction's members converged on our lone outpost to help defend it. In the screenshot below, I think I still missed a few people who were on the other edges of my monitor:


[I'm...somewhere in there XD]

As our squad hunkered down to defend the colony, the news was broadcast all over the server at frequent intervals. Within the first 30 minutes of the Colony Wars session, all of Illuminati's colonies were gone.

One enemy down, then. Fenrir, on the other hand, seemed to be fairly busy with many of its colonies being attacked, so we had nothing to do, really, for a very long time. Some of us actually passed the time by leveling off the assorted dogs in the map ^^

There was a brief debate in the faction over whether or not to go look for another colony to take; but the back-and-forth was rendered moot when this came up on the screen:


And then there were two: Pradera de Ceniza, and the Ferruccio Junction.

With the war down to its final hour, the messages began to come in - Illuminati faction, which we were at war with, was in Pradera - but it turned out that some of its members had simply decided to hunt Diablo, and were busy trying to summon him. That done, some of them actually attempted to attack us, but with the numbers that we had been able to amass for defense, we managed to repel them with some effort.

Next week promises to be even more action-packed. Diversity has been restored to the map, Illuminati may yet attempt a comeback, and WrathOfGod now has two colonies to defend!


Faction notes:

Halcyon faction includes several former Yakisoba members, while TEriYaki is rumored to be populated by former ASA members.

It seems that someone has formed a new CARNAGE faction; I'll try to get details on that during the week.

After this night's Colony Wars session, Fenrir faction leader forian, as well as leading member Mew, announced that they were leaving the game. Fenrir is now led by Utopian.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Now read THIS! Granado Espada in a Fil-Am online newspaper!

I think it was in September or so when a certain Ronald Panis asked me via email if he could interview me about being an online gamer; he'd read my Gamer Interview and gone on from there.

The interview was part of his research for an article for an online newspaper catering to Filipino-Americans living in the US; I gave him some answers and he said he would notify me when the article came out.

Here it is!

GAME ON: The State of RP Online Gaming

Read, enjoy, and tell me what you think ^^


And, WHOA - one week of increased drop rates in all servers - awesome!

An idea for more fun in Granado Espada

Here's something that everybody's favorite pose master Andre Janzur just might get behind. This might not happen for a while, but won't it be fun to think about it?

Presenting: Suggest New Poses!

In a way, this idea was inspired by the Fantazztic Film Awards - more poses for the characters means more ways of expressing themselves to be caught on camera [or FRAPS, as the case may be]....

NineMoons suggests that the following poses be considered for inclusion in any new poses that may be programmed into the game by Kim Hakkyu et al.:

Pose 1: The Curtsy

Yes, I know that there are bows and kneeling and suchlike already in the game, but how about this pose, which is especially for the ladies? I think the wizards and, especially, the elementalists would look smashing doing this pose.

Pose 2: The Facepalm

A favorite pose denoting frustration in many anime shows, and often used as humorous commentary on other people's antics. I picked Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya to show this pose because he seems to be doing it all the time in that show!

Pose 3: The Jazz Hands

If you like singing or the theater, you've seen this pose before; it seems to be favored by people who are "getting into the moment" at an important time in the song or in the play. I think this would be a great pose for funny or cute screenshots. In the picture the pose is being demonstrated by American singer Oleta Adams, best known for her cover of the song "Get Here".

Pose 4: The Vulcan Salute

I've included this final pose just for kicks. This is the greeting/salute originally made famous by Mr. Spock from the first Star Trek TV series, and since brought back into popularity by the character Hiro Nakamura from Heroes.

Proper etiquette for use of this salute usually includes the greetings "Prosper and live long", or the more well-known "Live long and prosper".

[Yes, I'm a geek ^^]


And now it's YOUR turn! What poses would you like to have included in Granado Espada? Tell me all about it in the comments~!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Not Another Love Story second teaser!

Hot on the heels of the first teaser for Team Bloggers' FFA entry Not Another Love Story is this second teaser. The music in this one is the "response track" to "Beautiful Girls" / "Suicidal", titled "Beautiful Girls Reply". I think you'll agree with the music choice after you see the video ^^

Tarush is Philippine gay lingo that roughly translates to Tyra Banks's favorite expression, "fierce". "Lola" is normally "grandmother", but has been appropriated by the local gay community to refer to friends and/or other gay people in general.

Enjoy ^^

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Colony Wars update: to WAR!

And now, the all-new map of Granado Espada in Cervantes server, following this week's action-packed Colony Wars session:


This week, most of the map falls under Fenrir faction's ownership; Illuminati managed to hold on to a few of their own colonies. At present these two factions are joined as colony owners by WrathOfGod, GuardsOfHonour, Vradical and Fukkatsu factions! Congratulations!

In stark contrast to last week's "quiet" Colony Wars session, it seemed like everybody and their mothers decided to challenge Fenrir and Illuminati for colony ownership this week. Vradical and WrathOfGod led the pack; both had returned from their temporary hiatus and now rallied the many Royalist and Neutralist factions around their banners.

Here's the rundown of the factions that declared war on each other during this session:

Halcyon v Illuminati
WrathOfGod v Illuminati
Fukkatsu v Illuminati
Vradical v Fenrir
Fenrir v Halcyon
GrandLodge v Illuminati
FallenAngels v Illuminati
Fenrir v Fukkatsu
WrathOfGod v Fenrir
GuardsOfHonour v Illuminati
Fenrir v MonoChrome
†BuRaOt†aLlStaR† v Halcyon
DolceVita v Fenrir
BaRoN™ v Halcyon
Vradical v Illuminati [added by kumbee ^^]

Many of these wars concluded in honorable truce at the end of the session.

If this list is incomplete or has inaccuracies, please comment to let me know, and I'll add/correct the relevant entries accordingly. Thank you.


This week I was able to join WrathOfGod faction for Colony Wars. Fresh from taking last week off, the faction was raring to get some action, and after consultations with their friendly and allied factions, sent their teams fanning across the world map - some to attack, some to defend, and some to run reconnaissance missions.

I couldn't join the attack at Ustiur Zona Dos because I don't have the levels to even make it onto the Pinta - so I waited for everyone to come back to the mainland. I wound up going on a whirlwind tour of many colony areas, from Ferruccio Junction all the way to El Canon Diabolica and Topolo Durga, and witnessed many hard-fought battles.

The colony at El Canon Diabolica had to be the most contested colony of the session, as it was held in succession by four different factions: WrathOfGod first, then Illuminati. These two factions waged a back-and-forth battle over it until Halcyon took the colony, and then it finally fell to Fenrir.

WrathOfGod held on to the Canon colony through the first half of the session, but when it was finally wrested away, it became time to find another colony to attempt to take over.

Rion Prairie, one of the other targets:


Pradera de Ceniza, the colony we wound up keeping:


I hope that we'll be able to own more colonies in the future ^^

[Thanks to faction leader aLKayeL for inviting me into the faction! I'll do my best to perform well in the succeeding sessions....]

Quick round-up: seen and heard in Granado Espada

This is what happens when you ask RCM Hrin for proof of her identity XD

It's official, folks: Granado Espada V2.4, which IAH are trying to get released very soon, is none other than the much-awaited Gigantes Island / Bahia Island patch!

Good lord, I've got to stockpile those G-points now - got four swimsuits to buy - aieee! *runs around in excited little circles*


And bwah ^^ Thanks to Rococo - I won a prize from the latest round of "Guess where this is!" I was first to give the correct location of the screenshot. Thanks and I hope I'm lucky enough to get either the weapon *prays for a fighter/wizard/elementalist weapon* or the money.

ETA: I won the money. Yay!


Spotted in Cervantes server!

RCM Hrin's wiz-ele-scout family, and all decked out in Lucifer Wings.

DeSanggria drops by, and has a quick conversation with Arcleaumont and me ^^


In the next entry: the report from tonight's Colony Wars session. WrathOfGod and Vradical, among others, are back from temporary hiatus ^^

Saturday, November 10, 2007

The big reveal: we joined the FFA!

And by "we " I mean me, DeSanggria and Darrick of Casa Reclusion ^^ We're team 00010, the Bloggers' group, and we decided to join the Fantazztic Film Awards 2007 on a lark XD

Here's the teaser for the film we're going to be submitting, set to the extremely popular track "Beautiful Girls" - otherwise known as "Suicidal".

Not Another Love Story

Watch out for the reveal of the real story and its genre in December ^^

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lv64 get! ^^


And now I've got a sweet-looking wizard, and a long-haired scout *tears of joy*

Family status
Members - Aurana, Scout / Tuon, Fighter / Chimal, Wizard
Stances - First Aid+Fortitudo / Sabre Garde / Levitation
Levels - 64-all





Tiburon's Scarecrows - extended until 15 November!

If you need help with this quest, please refer to the following blog posts:

Ihave0life via Prinz Hernan on the forums
gyl of Granadosource
My own quick guide

Thursday, November 8, 2007

In between making sure my flying wiz keeps her mana up...

[Must...make...Lv64...must...make it....]

Just a few links to make sure you don't miss out on the fun in the community that's going around this week ^^

DeSanggria is hosting a fanfic contest with some really sweet prizes! Check it out here and get writing!

pCM Veya is hosting a "spot the pCM" contest with "mysterious special" prizes up for grabs! Rules here - and get ready to take that screenshot!

Rococo is already on the second round of the "Guess where this is!" contest. Join now! Second round here!

My factions survey is still ongoing! Comment here
to take the survey!

And last but not the least - belated happy birthday [yesterday] to Darrick of Casa Reclusion!


Really want to make Lv64 today - I can't wait for my wiz to become the all-out French maid and for my Scout to grow her hair XD

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

NineMoons takes a survey!

Maintenance today at 9am Singapore time....

So while we're all waiting for the game to come back online, how about a quick factions survey?


Are you a member of a faction in Granado Espada? Has your faction chosen a political side? What does your faction like to do? Want to promote your faction and / or advertise for new members? Then comment and answer the questions below!

Name of Faction, if any?
Faction's political alignment? Choose from Royalist, Republican, or Neutral/Neutralist.
Faction's main purpose within the game? Answers include participation in Colony Wars, boss raids, and any others that you might think of.
Faction's website / blog / forums URL?
Faction freedom wall: if you want new members or just need a simple place for shout-outs and greetings, go ahead!

Warning: Rude language will not be tolerated - so no swearing please!

Hope to hear from you and your factions in the comments!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Last call for Pumpkin Hats: get them before they're gone for a whole 'nother year!

[Bonus points to you if you get the movie reference in the title!]

Remember that the Tiburon's Scarecrows event is ongoing until this Thursday, 8 November - so, here's a reminder from your friendly neighborhood NineMoons family - go get those Pumpkin Hats now, before they're gone!

ETA: Oops! Maintenance has been moved to Wednesday, 7 November! Get crackin' - you only have about four hours left to do this quest - good luck!

The hats are actually selling in Cervantes server for around 5M vis each, but you can still grab them for free if you do the quest now - so let's get right into it!

First, you need to start the quest - go to the "Halloween Event Boy" who looks a whole LOT like Auch's very own Backstreet Boy Tiburon. [His dialogue, and the quest itself, states that he IS Tiburon.] He's standing next to the waypoint in the Port of Coimbra. He'll ask you to collect twenty Halloween Scarecrows for him, which he'll use for his planned costume for Dr. Torsche's Halloween party. Be warned that the quest details won't show up in the "Quests" menu [Alt+A], but so long as you agree to Tiburon's request, you can go ahead.

The Halloween Scarecrows are scattered around various parts of Granado Espada. You collect the Scarecrows by left-clicking on them [much as you do for Hengestones]. Tiburon will give you rewards for every five of them that you collect - go back to him when you've collected 5, 10, 15, and finally all 20 Scarecrows.

The rewards are, in this order:
10x Chocolates [same stuff you can get from Lisa Lynway at the Sea Elephant; each Chocolate restores 900 HP to one character]
3x Lv68 Enchantment Chips [always good for stockpiling, trade and of course enchanting stuff]
5x Platinum Coupons [used to access the Joaquin Treasure Chamber; whack away at the Treasure Iron Maidens and get nifty Lv7x-8x items as well as all sorts of ores]
3x Pumpkin Hats [the Granado Espada Halloween event item for 2007 ^^]

The Halloween Scarecrows are placed on maps for ranging from Lv1 all the way to Lv8x; here are the exact locations, arranged in ascending level order. [Thanks to Ihave0life by way of Prinz Hernan and to gyl of Granadosource for completing and confirming this list!]

Letters and numbers appearing after each map name correspond to coordinates [hit Alt+Z to view them on the zone map]. Be careful to search each indicated location thoroughly. You may need to climb hills or go down winding paths.

Reboldoeux Stone Pit J4
Ferruccio Junction F6
Al Quelt Moreza G9 [refers to the map immediately outside the dungeon, i.e. where the waypoint is]
Al Quelt Moreza Parsonage G8
Cathari Falls H9
King's Garden G5
Tetra Hill D8
Tetra Catacombs G5
Jezebel Glen E4
Porto Bello Deck K7
Porto Bello Deserted Quay G9
Porto Bello Desolate Cliff J2
Thueringenwald H2
El Lago de Tres Hermanas G5
Pradera de Ceniza G6-7 [along the boundary line of those two areas]
Rion Prairie E10
Bonavista River F4
Vegas Javier I10
Joaquin Crater / Crater of Joaquin H6
Old Port of Coimbra D4

Quest notes:
- I used my Cervantes main team for this quest: fighter, scout, wizard. They were all about Lv6x when I started collecting Scarecrows.

- A Lv6x team will do fine on all of the maps except, possibly, the last four, which are 6x to 8x maps with the occasional mini-boss or raid boss. I recommend using a Levitation Wizard or, failing that, a Scout with maxed Acceleration on these tricky maps. Make sure that you have a steady supply of
Health Liquors and Soul Liquors for the Wizard, or Health Liquors and Analeptic Remedies for the scout. Be sure to equip them with armors with high defense, too.

- I had the most trouble on the final map [Old Port]; luckily, the final Halloween Scarecrow is located very close to the top / northern entrance. Just RUN / FLY as quickly as possible, click the Scarecrow quickly if your level is a bit low for the map - and use Logout if you need to.


They've fixed the bug that makes the female wizard's hair look that unnaturally bright red.

Enjoy your Pumpkin Hats!

ETA: The intrepid and VERY courageous Novastorm family relates the tale of the Tiburon's Scarecrows quest - which s/he completed at LV4X!!!! Give that player a round of applause!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Colony Wars update: the one-sided war

Here's the map of Granado Espada's Cervantes server this week, still dominated by the Republican factions Illuminati and Fenrir.


The "one-sidedness" of this week's Colony Wars session began, for me, within ReBirth faction. My machine had gone haywire because it had been temporarily hit by the Lucifer Wings crash bug. I almost didn't catch it when faction leader LuckyStar formally gave the group's allegiance to the Royalists - but I caught the status message, Royalists have agreed not to wage war this CW, when I managed to log back in.

LuckyStar explained that Royalist factions such as Vradical, WrathOfGod, and others had agreed to not join this week's Colony Wars session as a "protest" against the current monopoly by Republican factions.

[Look! Rare use of the strikethrough! XD]

[Raises eyebrow at LuckyStar ^^]

From the comments, Kumbee says that WrathOfGod, Fukkatsu and Vradical factions were not "protesting", but were either on vacation or temporarily inactive. This statement has already been corroborated by callisto and alkayel, two of the leaders of WrathOfGod, who also went on to say that they're not Royalists. galleon also commented that Vradical has not yet chosen a political side, and that the faction stands against Fenrir and Illuminati for different reasons.

As a consequence, only a few declarations of war were made, and many ended in truces during the session:

Exsilium v Illuminati
Inšomnia v Illuminati - truced
Fenrir v
Inšomnia - truced
Exsilium v Fenrir - truced
GuardsofHonor v Fenrir - truced
FallenAngels v Fenrir - truced
Illuminati v Fenrir - truced*

In addition, the long-standing war between ASA and Fenrir also ended with a truce.

The asterisk in the above list marks this:

The explanation was simply that Fenrir had agreed to turn over their colony at El Canon de Diabolica to Illuminati, necessitating the war declaration. Nevertheless, it was a startling announcement, as the two factions have long been Republican allies.

This was a quiet - many said "boring" - Colony Wars session, and there were repeated calls for the proposed colony reset to be implemented at some point. Frequencies of the reset ranged from weekly to monthly.


A final post from ReBirth: once they became Royalists, I had to leave because I've always supported the Republicans. The guys and gals were kind enough to give me a nice send-off, though, by means of a final photoshoot:



This was my farewell message, on the left side of the screenshot:


Thanks to ReBirth faction for the good times. ^^

Friday, November 2, 2007

Video spam: upcoming versions

These videos aren't all translated into English, but the visuals should give a pretty good idea of what's coming.

First 2 videos are for Version 2.2: Witches of Balanar/Bahamar:

Here's a second version of this clip, with some subtle differences:

Next is Version 2.4: Tropical Island:

As soon as I get a video for the Tierra de Muertos patch, I'll be updating this post to include it.

According to RCM Hrin's blog here, Tropical Island also features Edward Jameson, formerly a Second Lieutenant from the Brestia Special Army, and he has links to Selva, Grace Bernelli, and a younger brother.

And from the forums, we've just now learned that Soso will be renamed to "Feng Ling" for the IAH release.

[For anyone who wanted to know how to get the Chapter of Ice/Frost Martial Arts book: wait for Feng Ling, okay? She's the only way to get it right now ^^]

Worse, that the current cash shop RNPCs such as Pirate Adelina, Soho the Wind, etc. will currently not be released by IAH as they are imbalanced. Hrin goes on to say, though, that they might get a stat re-balancing before they get to us.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Something to be grateful for ^^

The bloggers' meet half of this recent picspam/post has been cited by Filipina Internet advocate Janette Toral as part of her recent entry, 2007: Year of the new bloggers!

[This is kinda big! Janette's one of the leading lights in the local blogging community!]

Thanks and hope to see you back in the game, Janette ^^

Plug: Casa Reclusion's "Circlo" now online!

Here's something to watch during today's maintenance:

Circlo - Now Showing!

This Granado Espada machinima fan film tackles the story of a musketeer and the strange events in his life, which seem to repeat themselves in an eerie way. It's written, produced, and directed by Darrick of Casa Reclusion.

Go, watch, have fun~!

[You can also view Darrick's other videos on Youtube by clicking here.

He also hosts the Granado Espada official videos for "The Witches of Balanar" and "Tropical Island" there ^^]