Monday, November 26, 2007

Bellem Boxes: Granado Espada's equivalent of the lottery

While waiting for yesterday's Colony Wars I finally decided to do something I'd been dying to try for a good long time.

There's this guy in Cervantes server who periodically broadcasts that he sells Bellem's Boxes in bulk, so much per piece and so much per hundred pieces. I'd been thinking of patronizing his shop, since I wanted to find out how random the drops from such an item was.

I kind of wanted to find out how "lucky" I was in terms of random numbers and stuff.

So last night I picked up a hundred Bellem's Boxes from the seller, and hied off to a quiet corner of the Grandice Arcade in Auch to push my luck.

Here's a tally of the stuff that came out:

Healing Potions - I thought I'd get like a ton of this as my friends had always reported that was often all they got out of their Bellem's Boxes; but it barely came up to half the drops I got.
Soul Potion
Ferruccio Bread
Layered Cheesecake
Resurrection Potion
Healing Ampule

Spinelles - For some of these I got more than one.
Sabel Tiger - Lv9x!
Doggy Panzer
Dandelion Gorilla
Mucerati [Gladiator?]
Demonic Priest
Larval Dragonwasp
Arop - Lv8x
Wahlansche - the mini-boss of Porto Bello Deserted Quay
Striped Spider
Eripmav - Lv8x

Forging et cetera
Refined Talt
Enchantment Chip Lv48
Refined Etretanium
Bulk of Gold
Refined Quartz
Copper Piece
Pure Aidanium
Steel Piece
Iron Piece

Recoilless Cannon
Hard-Leather Armor
Royal Guardian - I got two; one was white and the other was yellow.
Dread Buster
.32 Cal. Brown Bess
Tempest Bracelet
Phrase d'Armes
Parrying Dagger

Hmm. It's not as much of a disappointment as I'd feared, as I got those fairly cool high-level spinelles to annoy people with and/or to use during Colony Wars. But clearly, it isn't the greatest prize draw in the history of the game, either, with all the randomized drops and everything.

I wonder if it would be too much to ask that Bellem's Boxes be calibrated by level? I remember the OBB and OPB in RO, and how the former just dropped random stuff while the latter had a higher chance of dropping rare items.

The Andre's Costume Boxes and Karjalainen's Accessory Boxes are kind of in their own category altogether, considering they have a very restricted roster of objects to drop. [Plus, hella expensive whether you get them in Vis or as part of packages for G-Points.]


filsimmer said...

Hmmm... The Reclusion Family told me you can get costumes from Bellem's Boxes as well. I'm not sure how's that possible.

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

likewise. maybe that was before the andre box was implemented....

Kumbee said...


You get original costumes from bellem's box. Original Fighter costume, Original Wizard costume etc. And it drops costumes even after andre's box was released. But of course the drop rates are a little lower than the drops. Try 500 boxes and I'm sure you'll get at least one original costume ^_^


NineMoons Family said...

@ Kumbee

yesterday while taking to Welling he told me that no, costumes didn't drop from BBs, but now you mention it...urg, you're right.

maybe everyone forgets about original costumes since they got taken over in popularity by mutation costumes and all the rest ^^