Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WrathOfGod shoutout: because I can ^^

I just wanted to talk briefly about teh awesomeness of the new friends I've made and the uber-support of these enthusiastic players.

I give you: WrathOfGod faction in Cervantes server.

Led by aLKayeL plus the deputies Callisto, Catastrophic and Yeow, WOG have been active since the closed beta tests, and have remained united until now.

You guys rock - and I'm looking forward to a long stay with you ^^


Also wanted to highlight some of the WOG members' blogs here:

Malzias family - and look, the latest post is another CW report!

PlayGalX family - lots of fun screenshots ^^


BTW, if anyone's interested, I'll be covering the Hellgate: London press launch tomorrow. They've finally gotten around to formally announcing it here in the Philippines! I'll see if I can post a report and the usual coverage picspam....

Launch is postponed until the partners [I assume that's someone from IAH + someone from Flagship?] can actually drop in to participate.

Personally, that's a pretty good reason to cancel. It will be shiny indeed if Hellgate's CM Angelace and the dudes from Flagship [the guys who helped make Diablo, duh] could make an appearance, and I for one am happy to wait for such serendipity. ^^


aLKayeL said...

Wow! Thanks for the shoutout Ninemoons :D

NineMoons Family said...

@ alkayel

my pleasure, boss ^^