Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Three-day maintenance pre-Version 2.4: NineMoons's year-end round-up

I know it's not the end of the year yet, but it's close enough - so this entry is devoted to looking back at the 10 months that I've been both playing and blogging Granado Espada.

A month-by-month wrap-up:

- My very first entry, six days before the Closed Beta Test period ended
- Fun with family names
- A five-part guide to the types of quests found in-game
- The first hint of the struggle between the Royalists and the Republicans

- A four-part series on the correspondences between GE and the real world
- Meeting fellow bloggers at iBlog 3, and hearing about GE at the same time
- Meeting RCM Hrin for the first time
- NineMoons interviews RCM Hrin and meets Hellgate: London CM Angelace

- My first faction, Æphemeral

- 5000 hits ^^
- Coverage of Pioneers' Reconnaissance
- NineMoons interviews pCM Veya
- First Colony Wars coverage
- Coverage of the first Granado Espada PvP tournament at Toycon
- 10,000 hits!
- The infamous "chicksilog" entry XD

- First all-servers EB
- First printed article about GE: a beginner's guide
- NineMoons's Granado Espada Trivia Bonanza
- First GE fanfic: The Pirates of Porto Bello

- My main team on Cervantes reaches Family Level 6
- Coverage of the 2nd i-Cafe Congress
- First PvP session, against DeSanggria - and first victories ^^

- At Blade Point: A tale of the NineMoons Family
- Coverage of Liberty's Wrath and first PvP competition
- A five-part coverage of the Granado Espada PH Launch Weekend
- ♥♥RNPCs Are Love
- First birthday in GE [my 25th]

- First Baron kill
- My second faction, ReBirth
- First colony and Colony Wars kill
- Coverage of GE at Oktoberfest
- The first Granado Espada PH bloggers' meet

- Not Another Love Story, an FFA entry
- My third [and current] faction, WrathOfGod
- GE gets featured in

- First boss raids: Diablo and Vergo the Cursed
- GE and Intel Machinima workshops press con
GE and Intel Machinima workshops session
- A rant about Colony Wars + reactions + recap
- Final post for 2007

Whew! It's been a hectic ten months! I hope you've had as much fun reading my blog as I've had putting it together!

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