Sunday, October 21, 2007

Colony Wars update: this week's battles

[Lots of pictures in this one!]

Here's the map of Granado Espada at the end of this week's Colony Wars session. Congratulations to Illuminati, Fenrir, ASA, Galaxy, WrathOfGod, and ReBirth faction for acquiring / defending colonies!

Things were tense in the server as the clock ticked down to 8pm Singapore time. Illuminati and Fenrir factions were dominating the map at the time; I would hazard a guess that both were pretty much waiting for the entire server to declare war on them.

A notable addition to this week's session was Galaxy faction. It was their first shot at Colony Wars, and they managed to capture the colony at Ferruccio Junction - and were able to hold it until the very end of the session.

Galaxy was one of the new factions to join in the Colony Wars; the others included HappyTreeFriends, rEbOrN, and DCArebirth™.

Here's a roundup of the factions that declared war on each other, in roughly chronological order. [Note that this list may be incomplete - I got DC'ed for a few minutes halfway through, and may have missed a declaration. If I have, please feel free to correct me.]

ASA vs Illuminati
ReBirth vs Illuminati [declared truce, then re-declared war]
WrathOfGod vs Illuminati
NightOfTheKnight vs Illuminati
Vradical vs Illuminati
ReBirth vs NightOfTheKnight
Fenrir vs ASA
Galaxy vs Illuminati
Fenrir vs WrathOfGod
NightOfTheKnight vs Fenrir
DCArebirth™ vs Fenrir
Fenrir vs Vradical
HappyTreeFriends vs ASA
DCArebirth™ vs Illuminati
rEbOrN vs Orb
rEbOrN vs WrathOfGod
Illuminati vs Fukkatsu
Fenrir vs Galaxy

Truces for these factions, unless otherwise noted, were either declared at the end of the session or have not been declared.


Now for a slightly more in-depth report:

As you might remember from a previous post, I had joined the neutralist ReBirth faction a week ago, and was assured that they were determined to participate in the Colony Wars.

One of the strategies being bandied about before the session began was that centered on the colony at Porto Bello Deserted Quay, which belonged to ASA at the time [and is now in Fenrir's possession]. A truce was made at some point, though, which negated that plan.

At war time, faction leader LuckyStar instructed the members of the faction to go for the colony at El Tejado Verde:


We were foiled there several times by the Illuminati sentries, however, and after regrouping, received orders to assist Vradical and WrathOfGod factions in taking over the Jezebel Glen colony instead:


We were collectively defeated in several attempts once again, as can be seen from the spiders, Valkyries and other defenses in the screenshot.

Next, Vradical sent word that they had managed to take the colony at Rion Prairie, and asked ReBirth to help defend:


The idyllic state of events in the screenshot did not last long, however, and Illuminati members, led by their faction leader BaoBao [that's his fighter being targeted below], swept back in to reclaim their property:


After some more downtime, we finally got the summons from LuckyStar to return to El Tejado Verde. Little did the rest of us know that our leader had been attempting to capture the colony on his own - and on our way there, he managed the feat!

Many of us converged on the colony for the last ten minutes, all the while praying that we'd be able to hold out. Illuminati had made peace at some point during the session, which helped our chances immensely; but the dreaded re-declaration of war came in within the last ten minutes, and sure enough, Illuminati member Tryste attempted a final crack at the colony that had previously been theirs.


Luckily for us, Tryste ran out of time, and that's how ReBirth faction managed to snap up one of the colonies. ^^

Next week's session will undoubtedly involve a defense of our lone colony. We'll all have to come up with means to that end.


On a personal note, I notched my first Colony Wars kill: the RoyceBernard family of NightOfTheKnight faction. I ran into him on the Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, on the way to Jezebel Glen, and managed to take him out.

[Really sorry about that! Happy to oblige if you want a rematch!]

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