Saturday, October 20, 2007

On the changing tides of factions in Cervantes server

And by now perhaps you know that Dominion faction has formally disbanded as well.

That brings to three the number of original Cervantes factions that have dissolved due to various reasons: Yakisoba, then CARNAGE, and now Dominion.

In their place stand new contenders such as the currently-leading Illuminati, Fenrir, ASA, and many others.

The political tides of the server have once again shifted. With the upcoming implementation of the elections for the Republican President and Royalist Duke/Duchess, not to mention the ensuing fight for the Chancellorship of Granado Espada, expect the factions to continue in this ongoing state of flux for some time, or at least until the first rounds of voting are announced.

Over the next few weeks I'll be doing my best to put together a better coverage of the Colony Wars sessions as they take place in Cervantes server. I'll be putting on more pictures and commentary, and to this end have resolved to actually become active - one of the major reasons why I joined ReBirth faction.

Tomorrow will be something to look forward to, I'm quite sure of that.

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