Friday, July 4, 2008

YAY: I have a Vicente Rio card! BOO: Why is the UI font whacked-out?

[Image-heavy post, due to the necessities of the subjects under discussion. If you're on dial-up, please be patient. Maybe you could play a round of GE Hangaroo Version 1.2 while waiting? :D]

Yes, I already have a Vicente Rio card. Here are the steps in getting him:

1. Go to Auch and talk to Vicente. He will ask you for a Possession Lightning stance book. You can buy one at the Auch Master Room.


2. After giving him the stance book, talk to him again, and get warped into an instance for a quickie fight. I didn't even try to buff for this, as this is an easy fight.


3. After the fight, talk to him again. He asks to join your family, but you have to give him a "token of trust" first: 20 x Enhancement Boosters. Hand them over.

4. Get the Vicente Rio character card. Auch's minstrel and Enhancement NPC starts at level 1.


Now, I'm not going to join the Vicente's Serenade event myself, but you guys have at it. Good luck getting that costume.


As you'll have noticed from the above screenshots, the Granado Espada in-game font has reverted to the old, serif version from the Beta Testing periods.

Or at least, that's the case for the actual map you're standing in. Pressing Alt + Z to bring up the Zone Map brings this, however:


The font on the Zone Map is still the sans-serif version used since GE went commercial. I happen to prefer this font myself, and wish it would be applied again to the entire game.

That might be a dicey prospect, however, as looking at the World Map this time brings another different font into play:


The font on the World Map is subtly different from the font on the Zone Map, as you can see.

Also, new stuff on the World Map: in red near the bottom of the map you can see a location called "Tierra del Amor", or "Land of Love". @.@ The map says there's an exit to this place from the King's Garden, but I wonder if this odd new location, which we've not heard about, can be accessed. Anyone care to enlighten us?

You can also see in the lower-right-hand corner, in yellow, that they've finally put Island of Fire on the map. Wonderful level range, eh? All the way to Veteran, and quite possibly beyond, from ~Level 60 or so.

Nope, no Chaos Requiem yet, as stated on the main site: no Chaos Requiem till the end of the month.

Finally, here's the all-new in-game Options menu. I've highlighted the new portions in yellow.


I especially like the "Block" options, for when I'm trying to focus on the game or when I'm in situations where stopping to chat will quite literally kill my team.

Some of the options seem to be geared for those who want less lag, too.

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