Friday, July 4, 2008

A comment on The Requiem posters - and where I was when I logged out

Blacksword's compilation of the Version 2.6.3 The Requiem posters - and the differences among them. Of course, the original IMC poster was the best one for including both Calyce and Bai Hu, but we've got a bit to wait for them yet....

The official IAHGames combo graphic / poster for The Requiem. D'awwwww that I've still to wait a month for my Bai Hu! Oh no! My poor Feng Ling.......

I really do like the tagline, though, as it's so dramatic [and let me say it here: anything that has to do with Chaos Requiem is NOT gothic. You heard it here first!].

As darkness falls, true heroes emerge.....


This might as well be my final screenshot of the previous in-game UI, as apparently the old font from way back in the Beta Testing periods has made a comeback. But here's where I left the NineMoons Family in Caracci before the maintenance:

Getting ready for another long hunt for rare quest drops, Bone Sariras in this case. It might be a little early for me to be in that dungeon, considering my level in the SS, but I've gained EXP quickly since then, boosted just a bit by the Combat Manual.

Taking orders from a disembodied, levitating crystal skull is definitely messing with my team's heads, because now they're making Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull jokes~!

RADHANON: Take the feather out of your hat.
SHANDRE: Do you think you could use my gun-belt as a whip?
FURYK: I should be wearing khakis!

And just before logging out, I brought the team home to check for any final purchases from the Market Manager. Then since they were in Coimbra, I took this wonderful SS:

I wonder what they're talking about as they look over the Port and the Pinta.... The looming possibility of Veteran level, perhaps?

*crosses fingers*

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