Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Granado Espada PH Community Heroes Part 2/2: Ze List!

In the previous entry I struck out the parts where I talked about the nomination process for the Granado Espada PH Community Heroes, which included the following sentence:

The people behind the 6 April event may already have a shortlist of people who they will be recognizing for their value to the GE PH community. I can only hope the shortlist includes the FFA winners, as well as the Pinoy members of the Community Crew on the forums.

Now, look at the actual list [copy furnished by pCM Veya], straight from Singapore i.e. from the desk of RCM Hrin herself.

Granado Espada Forums

What most people do not realize is that being part of the community crew and player moderators team is a challenge.
The thing is, when one has the normal status of a player, it is easy to say anything you like, or flame back whenever you get flamed. However, under the branding of 'Community Crew' and 'Player Moderator' status, one can no longer do that. Because that is the role of what a community crew and player moderator is - to always be accommodating, tactful and to be kind and compassionate to all around you, even when you feel they do not deserve kindness and compassion.
This is why I am extremely thankful and appreciative of this group of people, who has been there through thick and thin, putting out flames, enduring flames, organizing monthly forum activities to keep the community entertained, answering queries and helping out newbies on the forum.

Family name: Castiglione // Forum Nick: AUGlab // Cervantes // Community Crew
Family name: Kaizou // Forum Nick: Rinkaru // Carracci // Senior Player Moderator
Family name / Forum Nick: Yatsushiro // Pachelbel // Community Crew
Family name: Ravenblitz // Forum Nick: BlackSheep // Cervantes // Community Crew

Granado Espada Colony War Reporters

These were the brave souls who braved the war frontier every Sunday, foregoing all other real life invitations, to bring the latest, hottest war developments to the people of Granado Espada. At the expense of their own enjoyment in participating in the war, they made much sacrifices to take note of all the ongoing declarations of war and to hurriedly rush to the most action-packed scenes, risking their virtual lives… just to take that all-important screenshot that reflected the intensity of the war. They strived to maintain the integrity of a true journalist in reporting the truth and had to withstand the harassment of those who wished to be portrayed in a different way. They are truly worthy to be celebrated and honored as the true heroes of Granado Espada:


Granado Espada Bloggers

Being a blogger is a discipline that far and few can achieve – it means discipline and consistency in faithfully updating one’s blog and constantly thinking of new content to educate, entertain and share with the rest of the Granado Espada community.
These following bloggers have been blogspotted, featuring their blog entries on the Granado Espada official website and awarded Divine Angel Wings or Item of the Month:

Casa Reclusion

Granado Espada Film Makers

Film making is an art that consumes you. To create a film from start to end – the script-writing, the filming, the directing, the editing of the footage… it takes a great amount of inspiration, time and effort to complete it. These are the ones that excelled in this art, bringing their love for Granado Espada to the next level – immortalizing this love in award-winning films that would forever be watched, admired and respected by the YouTube generations and beyond. Here are the award winning Fantazzztic film makers of Granado Espada:

Behringer / Fiksdotter / Reclusion / iCez / NineMoons / Artaxerxes / Mena
Zaleski / Corinthias / Cerex
Sigrid / Kincaid / deEspania
Fetuccini / Familier / Mortreux / Weisswritter

Granado Espada Fan Artists

These artists blessed us with their beautifully drawn renditions of the characters they so loved in Granado Espada. There were 2 in particular who really stood out, such that I featured their work in a local gaming magazine, Playworks Magazine recently. I have also featured them on the GE website (see links below) and awarded them with Divine Angel Wings. They will be sent the magazines when I get extra copies as well as given an additional ‘Item of the month’ code.

Strey from Pachelbel
BloodTrigger from Carracci

Congratulations to everyone on this list! Rock on! Long Live Granado Espada~!


DeSanggria said...

congrats!!! everyone in that list truly deserves to be recognized. kudos to the pro-active GE PH gamers!

NineMoons Family said...

hear, hear!

a toast to the GE PH community heroes!