Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Granado Espada PH Community Heroes Part 1/2: My Own Heroes

[It goes without saying that I wish I could nominate other players in the wider sGE community, and one or two from Sword of the New World as well! But this is for a PH-based event, so well...]

See this previous entry for the initial idea of recognizing / rewarding those individuals from the GE PH community who have made significant contributions to the game.

Now, that post, and its original source, does not include a set of mechanics, or a process, with which to pick out those significant contributors. There are two possibilities:

1. There will be NO nominations process. The people behind the 6 April event may already have a shortlist of people who they will be recognizing for their value to the GE PH community. I can only hope the shortlist includes the FFA winners, as well as the Pinoy members of the Community Crew on the forums.

2. There will be a nominations process, and they're just working out the mechanics of such a thing. They'll have to hurry because we're now working on a tight schedule. But if the post is updated with that nominations process, I'll be glad to post it here.

STOP PRESS! I just received a quick IM from Veya: RCM Hrin sent her a list of the Granado Espada PH Community Heroes already! She'll be posting them soon - and so will I, I hope!


Either way, whether or not they open up a nominations process I want to jump-start things by naming three people as my Granado Espada PH Community Heroes. They are DeSanggria and Darrick and Nate Reclusion.

DeSanggria, or perhaps you might know her variously as the first fire elementalist, Idge the Battlesmith, or just as Anne - now there's the most hard-working woman in the entire GE PH community! She has been tireless in the forums, in the blogging world, and not to mention in the game, in promoting the New World and in fostering its unique sense of community. I'll not mention the hardships she's gone through, or the problems she's had. I just want to take off every hat I'll ever wear in this life or the next to her, for her sheer indefatigability and dedication. Even if she weren't my friend, I'd want her included in the Heroes list for just all that devotion to the game.

As for Darrick and Nate Reclusion, I was laughing at their blog posts long before I got to know them in real life. Their quirky sense of humor and uncanny knack for taking hilarious screenshots has translated into their now well-known strength in the field of machinima. I consider them heroes for their mastery of the game and their interactions with the community.

If you would like to name your heroes in the GE PH community - now's your chance! Click the Post a Comment text at the bottom of this entry and tell me who your GE PH heroes are!

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