Sunday, March 23, 2008

This is me doing someone else's job for them ^^

Event Plug Time.

What: e-Games Domination II
Where: SMX Convention Center, next to the SM Mall of Asia. See the map:


When: 6 April 2008, from 10am onwards
Why: A crapload of Granado Espada events.

EVENTS RUNDOWN [these events are pretty much confirmed, as they have appeared at]

*Live Events* [i.e., NOT online]

New World Quiz Bee
- answer trivia questions about Granado Espada in the Easy, Intermediate, and Difficult questions, and win Granado Espada pens with ID holders! [If that means a lanyard that says Granado Espada, Iwantone *grabby hands*]

Adelina's Booty - Live! - participate in an Amazing Race-style run around the venue and stand a chance to win Item of the Month codes and Adelina's Booty searches!

*Online Events* [i.e., taking place WITHIN the game servers]

Tournament of the Champions >> Face/Off 2v2 PvP - representatives from Baguio, the NCR, Cebu, and Davao will compete against each other in the Internal Test Server for major prizes, both in-game and real-life.

New Settlers Battle 2v2 PvP

War of the Factions 5v5 PvP

New Settlers Race for the New World
- Register for this freeplay event and race to achieve the highest level among the competitors in one hour to win prizes!


*Offline Activities* [i.e., forums, the venue, and elsewhere]

Faction Recognitions / Best Factions in Granado Espada PH - Vie to be the Most Loyal Faction or the Most Active Faction by hauling as many of your faction members as you can to the venue! Win certificates and in-game costumes of your choice!

Faction Banner-Making Contest - Bring your pre-made faction banners, or make your own at the venue, and compete to have the best faction banner to win Item of the Month codes and Pwnage Packages!

Granado Espada PH Community Heroes - Nominate the players and community members who you think have made significant contributions to the GE PH community, and they will receive certificates and costumes of their choice - plus be recognized in front of everyone at the event!

Baron and Baroness - The best male and female GE cosplayers can win Andre's or Karja's vanity boxes, Field Tactics Manuals, and goody bags!

Granado Espada Mobile Raffle - Win external hard drives and video cards by texting in!

The Captain's Treasure Chest - Buy GVCs and stand a chance to pick a prize!


More details and more events, hopefully, as that site gets updated, or as I hear about them.

The awarding ceremony for the FFA Grand Finale winners is supposed to take place during this event.

And please join me in hoping that someone very special drops by from IAHGames in Singapore to grace this event, just like she did last year!


Darrick said...

gotta love the Blog Entry title XD!

NineMoons Family said...

@ darrick

naturally. the whole point is right there. i was very displeased by the incident in-game which sparked the entry, so that is how i vented.