Saturday, March 22, 2008

sGE's "Unsolved Mysteries". Part 2/?: Beauty Secrets

Previously in this series:

The Injury to the Eye


Okay, we all know there's a deadly rivalry between these two:
Andre Janzur is the most fashionable man in both the Old and New Worlds, and is famous for his costumes and armor; Karjalainen wants to overthrow him through the sheer bling of her jewelry and hairstyles.

So, okay, that covers the need to be dressed for success as well as the need to be properly accesorized. Between them, they also have the hairstyle department covered - Andre has hats, while Karja has wigs.

That still leaves out ONE important component of being dressed well in the new world.

Who makes the stuff that makes this and this possible? [Clicky the links to see my point!]

In short: who makes the girls' brassieres?

Just curious!

Happy Easter in advance~

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