Monday, March 17, 2008

sGE's "Unsolved Mysteries". Part 1/?: The Injury to the Eye

Kicking off a new series of articles in this blog, sGE's Unsolved Mysteries takes a look at the deepest, darkest, weirdest things to ever be found within the New World of Granado Espada!

In this first post, let's see just how many of the NPCs in the game have some sort of problem or another with their eyes!

Note: this article tackles only those NPCs with eye problems or injuries so serious, standard reading glasses or monocles won't solve their lack of depth perception. See the actual RNPCs [in this case, they're all RNPCs] below for what I mean.

1. Adelina Esperanza
In the original [i.e. non-cash shop] version of the Hot Pirate Mama™ [term coined by Reclusion], Adelina Esperanza is missing her right eye. During the conversations after you obtain her character card, it's implied that she lost her eye at some point during the Three-Year War; part of the proof is in the Pirate Adelina Esperanza RNPC, which shows her in full pirate finery, and with both eyes intact.

2. Claude Baudez
He looks like he might not have lost his eye, but that shiner on his face has certainly swollen the right eye socket, and certainly has never healed! Whatever keeps the big, burly blacksmith [yay alliteration!] unable to see out of his right eye has not succumbed to either all the ice in the Katovic Snowfields, or the biggest piece of steak you can cut off a full-grown Joaquin Comodo! Who punched Claude, and is he still alive to tell his tale? We may never find out!

3. Grandice
The "Queen of Pioneers" almost certainly lost her eye during in the course of her heroic exploits, long before she sailed to the misty, forbidding jungles of Ustiur. But that, of course, begs the obvious question: which one? How does "Grandma" feel when she remembers that particular adventure - does she feel like celebrating, or does she feel like brooding?

4. Najib Sharif
Not having depth perception due to one eye being missing is bad enough, but how does a one-eyed gunner do it? Having only one eye hasn't seemed to deter Najib from shooting the living daylights out of his enemies, but it makes me wonder - did he start training before or after losing that eye?


If you have any Unsolved Mysteries you'd like me to post about, drop me a comment!

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