Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quick roundup post [working today]: tea party, all hail Selva

Now here's a nice idea for a GE PH gathering! If you guys aren't aware of it, teh tarik is nothing more than what we might call milk tea here in the Philippines.

The MY gathering is a teh tarik session because that's the favorite casual drink there.

So why can't we have a similar tea or coffee party here? I even have a venue to suggest: ToastBox in TriNoma! They have tea, teh tarik, and even kopi tarik! They have great food and a nice feel to the place - not to mention there's a lot of vacant space in that particular part of that mall.

*Files the idea away for future use*


Wanted to repost this pic here ever since I saw it over at DeSanggria's blog:

I've been cheering Anne on for this and really hope it gets completed in time for April 6.


Okay, now I have to get to work and finish my assignments for this week. Please YM me at if you have questions - or I'll see you on the forums.



DeSanggria said...

eeep..not in toastbox! although the food is great & all, the service suck, not to mention that the ventilation around that area is close to non-existent (they shouldn't have shared the space with bread talk).

although i'm always game for a coffee session, as i am a rabid coffee addict. XD

eeeeep!!! zeh not-so-secret project is here? >.< i hope i can complete it in time..*prays to all known gods*

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

thing is, ToastBox is the closest we've got right now to an honest to god teh tarik place. the brew at Kopi Roti isn't always up to standards, and man, that place is eons more expensive.

the next place I can think of, Tokyo Bubble Tea, won't even fit all of us (you, me, Josh, Ace, D, N, Mena, Hrin, Alliver). BEST milk tea in town.

and the only Quickly that currently serves bubble milk tea is in Greenhills, and is only a stand!

(no, i'm not a milk tea addict, why are you looking at me like that? XDXDXD)

open to more suggestions, though.

DeSanggria said...

hmm..i was about to mention kopi roti, but you beat me to it.

there's also this store in megamall (near powerbooks..i forgot the name) that sells kopi buns & similar products. i think it's also a stand/kiosk (albeit larger than quickly). i'll try to scour for some similar restos that can accomodate a number of ppl.

but coffee-wise, i loooooove the ones served in old spaghetti house. they brew the best Danesi coffee from denmark. mary grace also serves great french vanilla coffee (they have a branch in trinoma *winkwink*).

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

the store you're thinking of is called something like Mum's Coffee Buns. problem with that is, it's strictly take-out there.

Mary Grace? great hot choco. no milk tea. and a wee bit expensive.

we need to look for decent tea and coffee places that are both reasonably priced and spacious enough to accommodate large groups...good luck to us