Thursday, March 27, 2008

[Plug] A brief mention of my day job...

And now I get to tell you guys who I earn the money to buy GVCs and go to Granado Espada events.

Some time ago just before summer began, I was approached for an unusual job with a fairly unique proposition: an online community newspaper. Now, this might be old hat to you if you're not from the Philippines, but this concept is jut getting off the ground here, and I have the honor of being a writer and editor for it. I do a little of the WWW-related work and designing, but my main responsibility has to do with providing and editing the content featured on the site.

If you're interested in finding out about this project - especially if you live in the Scout Area, Quezon City, the Philippines - please drop by at

In addition to having a responsibility to provide and edit content for the site, I also have a column in the Editorial section. The column's name is Nine Moons: Reviews, Online Life, and More. I intend for the column to be partly a lifestyle one, as I will be reviewing books, movies, and music there. I also intend for the column to be somewhat techie in orientation, as I plan to talk about the Internet and its very own cultures and sub-cultures.

I also now maintain the blog that will serve as the archive for all the columns ever published on the site. That blog is called Scout Area Online: The Columns. Whereas old columns will eventually have to be unpublished from to make room for more recent ones, the blog will serve as a more permanent webspace, and I'll never have to take stuff down from it.

I've got two columns up on the site already.
The first one is simply an introduction - sort of like the opening tutorial in Granado Espada aboard the Jaclina.

The second one is Machine + Cinema = Machinima, and talks about not only the origins of that set of new production techniques / form of emergent gameplay, but also a little about the Fantazzztic Film Awards as well. Granado Espada makes a fairly nice source medium for machinima and I've been doing a little bit of promotion of GE through that particular column entry.

The other thing I like so much about the machinima column is that it gives me an excuse to post my most favorite machinima music video of all time! Sorry, this isn't Granado Espada, but this one's just too much fun - and yeah, spam much if I post it here too?

Katawan (final) © Tarugoman and Angkan Hagibis of World of Warcraft (Dragonblight server), 2006

To the non-Filipino viewers of this video, my apologies if you don't quite get it - but it's generally a song that extols the virtues of taking care of one's body, particularly if you're a hot young female XD

I plan to do an actual Granado Espada column for that Nine Moons soon, and of course I'll link it back here when I do put it up ^^


Joel said...

Wow! That's great, PJ! I'm viewing the site now.

Hmmm, I lived in the Scout Area twice. The first time was from 1993-1994 and then from 1996-1998.

Interesting. I'll keep the site in my "visit daily" list.

NineMoons Family said...

@ joel

^^ hi, you visited ^^

oh, that's something i didn't know. i grew up on Panay Avenue, and lived briefly on Scout Rallos.

what did you think of the columns blog and of the machinima column?

i wish we could all meet up again soon - alliver and i have lots of things to talk about with you ^^

hope you register at too ^^