Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New faction, new stance, new armor, new PATCH?!

I was able to join a new faction today. Thanks to my friend estrellante [the inspiration for the post on summoner names], vice-leader of ReBirth faction, for letting me join. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone online, especially faction leader LuckyStar, and of course to Sunday's Colony Wars session!

[Psst, DeSanggria! My faction's at war with yours XD!]

This is the first time I'm joining Colony Wars and so with that goal in mind, I've been training my Cervantes main team very hard over the past few days. Early this morning, some of my efforts finally paid off:

Right there in the middle is my Tuon with her Sunset Stripe leathers, Excalibur sword, and Templar Guard shield.

And there's my Chimal on the left, finally using her Levitation stance! The rest of the week might be a bit like "flight school" to her as I train her for the stance..... ^^

Aurana's within striking distance of Level 60 as well. As I maxed out her support skills a long time ago, she should be able to do well on Sunday and onwards....

And here's some startling news from RCM Hrin. In this blog post, she talks about the November choices for the My Bellem's Box - and smack in the middle of it talks about Version 2.4 of Granado Espada, which we might very well be playing by the time the Christmas holidays come around!

I wonder if this is the Tierra del Muertos patch? We'll see in about two months' time.

And now, back to training....


Anonymous said...

Waaa.. Which Faction u join now?
Long time no see.. hehe

Jadoel Fam

NineMoons Family said...

@ jadoel

ReBirth ^^