Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Three-day maintenance pre-Version 2.4: NineMoons's three wishes

Here's a nice idea for a holiday event: Naughty or Nice?

Essentially, we all get to make three wishes to IAH-Santa Claus. Sky's the limit, although of course you can't piss off the guy who wants to give you a present, right? Post your wishes in the forums - the "Nice" ones might get their wishes granted, while the "Naughty" ones...well, I wouldn't want to be one of them in any case.

Wishes might be granted between 24-26 December.

A quick look at the Cervantes wishes thread reveals that the current hottest commodities are elite Black Dragon Hunters, elite Pizzarros, elite Ring Mail, Emilia the Sage, Divine Angel Wings, and Catherine the Summoner.

My wishes:

- A nice holiday dinner with fellow GE bloggers, RCM Hrin, and the other support staff including country CMs
- A GE-skinned iPod nano 8GB
- elite stuff and stance books for my main team ^^

This holiday season in Granado Espada should be QUITE interesting ^^

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