Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Three-day maintenance pre-Version 2.4: NineMoons tackles the Forgotten Territories

Okay, okay, I may be one of the last people to try it on for size but maybe I should just say I was too poor to pony up for the Expert Combat Manual?

I finally managed to venture into the Forgotten Territories after the F2P switcharoo compensation package arrived. Seriously, I took one look at the Combat Manuals and I said, "Oooh, I can haz marathon tiem nao!"

I picked 17 December as my start date, and it turns out I did well by activating my Forgotten Territories pass at around 8am. [Because of the three-day maintenance, of course.]

Yes. A 24-hour marathon barely eight hours after the long slog of the last Colony Wars session. Call me crazy.

Anyway, with the Lelo de Arena and Combat Manual statuses/buffs activated, I proceeded to Dr. Torsche's Mansion, and jumped straight into this:


Family status at entrance:

Levels - 66-all
Members - Aurana, full support scout [First Aid and Fortitudo stances mastered] / Tuon, fighter [Blandir Cruz stance active] / Chimal, wizard [ESP stance active]

Chimal mastered her ESP stance around 10am, and I switched her gear and stance around: equipped a staff, activated The Illusionist stance.

Level 68 get. New weapons for Chimal and Tuon.

I spent a lot of time bopping between Zones 2 and 3 - the former for the sheer number of mobs, the latter for the better drops.


An observation: while fighting off tons of Forgotten Helenas, I had plenty of time to wonder just why the heck were they designed to look like a weird cross between Street Fighter's Chun-Li and the standard Helena. Heck, for a while there I thought "Haha, so I'm fighting an android version of Feng Ling?!"

Along the way I killed off a Forgotten Victor and got some nice drops off him - unfortunately, I was standing in the wrong place when the Treasure Chests appeared - I only opened two of the four, and got killed by the sheer number of mobs. Should have gone to F9 mode and spammed pots. I'll remember that for the next time.

I should have made 72 at the end of the 24 hours but it wasn't meant to be - I got hit once too often by lag spikes, which killed my girls and/or made the EXP gain slow down tremendously. But I'm happy with the results I already got, and plan to make up the difference after the maintenance as my Combat Manual will still be active by then.

Family status at exit:

Levels - 70-all
Members - Aurana, full support scout [First Aid and Fortitudo stances mastered] / Tuon, fighter [Blandir Cruz stance active] / Chimal, wizard [ESP and The Illusionist stances mastered]

As a side note: until the developers come up with a compelling Vet stance for Levitation, I have no plans of mastering it. Soul Liquors are a bloody expensive habit.

I can't wait to make Level 72 very soon, as I'm excited for the change of armors and weapons!


Novastorm said...

I think you shouldn't have activated your combat manual. You're wasting 3 days of it because the huge maintenance. But it's ok, i guess. As for my combat manual time, it ran off around 12 hours after the maintenance so no problems for me there. Oh! remember how i used to yearn for going over level 52? I have been doing so well and my main team is hitting level 91. GE is my winner ^^ I'm having so much fun with this game and i haven't tested the flavor or The Faction Life yet. Well, i wish you Merry Christmas, sweety ^^

NineMoons Family said...

@ novastorm

yes, I've lost three days from my Combat Manual, but I intend to make up for it as much as I can after the maintenance ^^ I'm so glad you're well on your way to Veteran status. more power to you ^^ and happy holidays!