Sunday, December 16, 2007

Colony Wars update: A visit from an honored guest

Before I reveal the identity of the honored guest, have a look at the current world map of Granado Espada in Cervantes server:


This map is much the same as last week's, with one exception. This week, Apathy faction was defeated, and its lone colony, the one at Jezebel Glen, was usurped by Halcyon faction.

So congratulations to Vradical, GuardsOfHonour, MaFiaCLuB™, Halcyon, and WrathOfGod factions for acquiring / defending their colonies this week!

Here is the very short list of war declarations for this week. Newly minted Cupid faction mixed it up with the other factions in its very first CW session. And Illuminati faction may well be beginning its comeback, as they are back in contention again after nearly three weeks' hiatus.

Cupid v Apathy
Halcyon v Apathy - truced [after colony ownership changed hands]
Halcyon v Illuminati
Vradical v Illuminati
WrathOfGod v Illuminati


Notes from WrathOfGod:

While suiting up for Colony Wars, I found out that many of the boss mobs from the Nimrod Bridge Invasion were actually still hanging around! I even got killed by at least one of them!

Novia reigned in both the Port of Coimbra in Channel 1, and in the City of Auch in Channel 3.
A Treasure Golem, in the meantime, was haunting the City of Auch in Channel 2.
A big, cute Fatness Rabbit bounced madly around Cite de Reboldoeux in Channel 1.
Dilos Lantemn looked over the sea at the Port of Coimbra in Channel 2.

While some of these mobs were pretty harmless - for all his elemental stylings Dilos wasn't actually hitting me when I dropped in for a trade, and the Fatness Rabbit simply hopped around my family as they stood in Andre Street - the Novias, at least, were extremely deadly. I suffered an OHKO [one-hit knockout] at her hands in Coimbra.

And now I reveal to you the identity of our honored guest: none other than Regional Community Manager Hrin ^^ She's been visiting the faction for a little over a month now, but this is one of the few times when she agreed to join us during Colony Wars. She brought her scout-elementalist-wizard team to the fray.

I'd asked to help defend a colony this week as usual, and got assigned to Ferruccio Junction. Hrin was online shortly before CW and we asked her if she would join us - and when she agreed, my squad leader invited her to help the defense at the first-level colony.

Her team isn't in this picture yet, but this is shortly after she joined our squad.

As it turned out, with the exception of the war declarations, there was absolutely nothing to do at the colony - there were neither visitors nor invaders. So we spent the time talking with Hrin about several things, generally just shooting the breeze.

Partway through the session my faction leader organized a party to hunt Diablo in Pradera de Ceniza, and so relaxed was this Colony Wars that nearly all of us who were online then dropped by, even those who were supposed to be on duty elsewhere. [It was a good thing we could simply warp to that map through the Faction Colony Managers, as we've held the Pradera colony for about three weeks now.]


Diablo dispatched quickly, we returned to our assigned posts to finish out the session.

And that is the Hrin family next to mine in the picture, Lucifer Wings and all. You'll notice she was using a Singtel Snow Spray item there ^^ Pretty snowflakes. That is faction vice-leader Catastrophic behind us, by the way.

[Yes, it was a relaxed session all right. Three families, only one composed of vets, at the colony that usually gets hit first by attackers. XD]

So now we hope that the reset of colonies every first Thursday of the month will help alleviate the monotony of the past few Colony Wars sessions.

Until next week and the start of a new era of Colony Wars~


komugi said...

hey, I was wondering which server do you play on?

NineMoons Family said...

@ komugi

Cervantes, I'm the official CW reporter for that server. I also put the name of the server in the first part of the report - in this case, it's in the very first paragraph ^^

Gallant said...

Illu didnt make a come back. They are too coward to fight so the trinity declared on them and hunted them lol.

NineMoons Family said...

@ gallant

that might be one way of looking at it. however, there is also the fact that no truces have been declared - if they were really no longer interested in fighting, wouldn't it make more sense for them to go to truce immediately?

the fact that the war declarations are still in place tells me there may be something more going on at Illu that we're not yet aware of. of course i respect your opinion, but i also stand by mine ^^ hope you understand.

gallant said...

no problem. They dont truce because they felt bad about being bullied of course. ;)

NineMoons Family said...

@ gallant


Seiken said...

Hello...well i am impressed about how much you like this game...i love this game too...but i start playing about 5 days i am a totally noob...i played Lineage2 for 2 years, but i just love Granado...

I hope i can make good friends here, i play in Vivaldi server and my family name is Franco´s

Btw, would love to chat with you some time about this lovely game.

P.S.: I am 29 btw...not a boy haha...still i love games.

NineMoons Family said...

@ seiken

welcome to the blog~ glad to hear that you are playing this great game.

hope to hear from you again soon. and thanks for dropping by ^^