Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Three-day maintenance pre-Version 2.4: Index post

The announcement of the three-day maintenance

Right, we're off for three days because IAHGames apparently wants to make sure Version 2.4 is going to be okay once we all get back in. Hence a three-day maintenance, from 18 Dec at 9am until 20 Dec at 12nn!

This is an index post for all the articles I'll be putting up over the next three days, so everyone can keep track of what I've been rambling about. There'll be a lot of good content around here, I promise! Look out for articles about the Forgotten Territories, things to be thankful for, holiday wishes, and maybe even some fanfiction!

NineMoons blogs Granado Espada - let the three-day marathon begin!

NineMoons tackles the Forgotten Territories
NineMoons's three wishes
NineMoons's year-end round-up
NineMoons makes holiday plans

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