Thursday, December 20, 2007

Three-day maintenance pre-Version 2.4: NineMoons makes holiday plans

Okay, so here we are with fingers and toes crossed, hoping that Version 2.4 launches on time and without bugs at noon today. I'll have to try to be in-game for at least an hour, but no promises right now, as there are other things in real life that I must attend to.

Anyway, holiday plans! This year we're not really doing much for Christmas, so I will spend as much time as I can inside the world of Granado Espada. After all, there's a bunch of things to look forward to.

More Christmas events have been added. Aside from the previously announced Naughty or Nice, there are a few more coming up: Christmas Trees Hide and Seek, Snowman's Red Socks, and Premium Dungeon Santa Hats.

Details here.

The nice thing about these additional in-game holiday events is the chance to win various Christmas-themed gear and costumes such as Santa Hats, the Santa Costumes, Reindeer Horns and more.

[Are those Snowmen the long-lost cousins of our MIA Jack Frost?]

Lots of new items will be up for purchase at the Premium Item Shop as well, from new costumes to new pots, consumables, and others.

Angie McKenzie will now be available as an RNPC. The link details her stats, skills, and the pros and cons for recruiting her. No details on her quest though. It will be up to the early bird log-ins to make sense of the quest by which this comely Construction RNPC can be recruited.

RCM Hrin talks about a tentative release schedule for Version 2.4 maps and RNPCs in this blog post, a countdown to the new version's launch.

For the Fantazzztic Film Awards crowd, Microsoft Scene and Heard week is now open for submissions.

Since I've made my goal of reaching Level 70 before Christmas, I'll be spending the rest of my Combat Manual available time grinding. With luck and a good leveling spot I might try to make Level 84 before the year is out. [Woo, Clara Mago!]

I hope to see you all soon, with the launch of Bahia Island!

[Makes offerings to the deities against bugs, glitches, and crashes....]

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