Sunday, December 9, 2007

Colony Wars update: War is hell, but lag is worse!

[The title of this post comes from a slogan I thought of while - you guessed it - slogging through lag.]

First things first: the current map of Granado Espada in Cervantes server.


Congratulations to GuardsOfHonour, Vradical, WrathOfGod, MaFiaCLuB™, Halcyon, and Apathy factions for acquiring / defending their colonies!


If one glance at that map above makes you say "Hmm, something seems to have changed" - well, you'd be right. Two factions bowed out of contention for colonies tonight: Fenrir, which apparently disbanded recently; and Fukkatsu, whose last CW tonight was, and whose name has been wiped from the map.

Little wonder, then, that Fukkatsu got warred by everyone else, their colonies attacked by the contender factions as soon as the session began.

Two factions declared war on Fukkatsu just prior to the start of tonight's Colony Wars: WrathOfGod and Vradical. The latter declaration ended in a truce.

The other declarations below:

Apathy v Fukkatsu
GuardsOfHonour v Fukkatsu
MaFiaCLuB™ v Fukkatsu - truced
FallenAngels v Fukkatsu - truced
MaFiaCLuB™ v FallenAngels - truced
Apathy v FallenAngels - truced
Halcyon v Fukkatsu - truced
Vradical v FallenAngels - truced

Both Fenrir's and Fukkatsu's members have since been absorbed into other factions, including [but not limited to] Vradical, Illuminati, et cetera.

[Speaking of Illuminati, a member of that faction dropped in at one of the WrathOfGod colonies and confirmed that they were not joining this session either. That makes about 3 sessions missed, and the rumblings of a comeback continue throughout the server, especially with the absorption of some ex-Fenrir members.]


Notes from WrathOfGod:

With many of the senior members absorbed in multiple boss raids prior to the Colony Wars session, we squadded up late, but soon enough an attack team was formed to target the colony at the Old Port of Coimbra; and the defense squad was asked to assemble at Pradera de Ceniza.

Two defense teams showed up at that colony and were told to prepare for anything and everything that could possibly happen, and to get ready to warp to the other colonies [Ferruccio Junction and El Lago de Tres Hermanas] should they get attacked.

So we waited, and waited, and waited....

And we actually all went after faction vice-leader Callisto at some point when he checked in on our defense squads, and his characters' names were burning a bright red.

Aside from that and visits from other random factions [Halcyon, the aforementioned Illuminati, and even one female fighter from ValhallaKnights], there was nothing much to do again.

So we went back to the old standbys of leveling off the dogs in the map, and summoning random big monsters. This week we got a Thoracotomy, a Vladimir, a Sabel Tiger, a Grim Reaper, and a Jungle Velociraptor.

Tuon helps to tank a Thoracotomy. [Got a crap drop XD]

During the first hour our attack squad succeeded at their attack on the colony at the Old Port of Coimbra; here's the world announcement of the takeover:

Hurray for a fourth colony!

With less than ten minutes left in the session, we were all called to that new colony by Callisto and the other squad leaders. At first it was going to be for a celebratory photoshoot, but then we got word that the area boss Dekaravia was in the area - and we decided to go after him!

[Warning: Dekaravia has a nasty debuff that hurts vets more than it does lower-levels - ironic since vets ought to stand a better chance against him. For reference, read this funny post in the Vradical blog.]

Lots of Spartans jokes ensue from the mixed crowd [mostly vets plus a healthy sprinkling of lower levels], and we find ourselves up against THIS ugly guy:


And, less than ten minutes later [shortly after the Colony Wars session ended], we'd all been wiped out.

OMGWTFBBQ pwned. *facepalm*

And I logged out, chuckling, to write up my report. Will ETA once I find out whether the faction killed that boss or not.

ETA: Revenge is sweet - Dekarabia went down in the second run, and apparently said "I need somebody to help me" as he died. [So big bosses talk!]

Till next week.


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