Tuesday, December 11, 2007

NineMoons meets Diablo and Vergo the Cursed

So I was poking around Pradera de Ceniza this morning to farm for more Refined Aidanium; my current pastime is to hoard minerals for crafting, because I am a devout believer in being prepared for forging in future.

Chasing dogs and spiders got me to THIS place on the map:


Well, since some WrathOfGod members were already there, I was quickly drafted into the squad, and given the double duties of resser and buffer; most of the buffs you can see on my characters in the screenshot were therefore cast by me except the elemental and vet-wiz stuff.


Turned out that with all the high-powered characters already there, Diablo didn't last long at all. He might as well have been gone in 60 seconds XD I didn't even have to resuscitate anyone.


Half an hour later, I moved to Porto Bello Desolate Cliff. No real reason this time, just wandering the map, picking up bits of Refined Ionium where possible, trigger fingers ready to run like hell should any boss be spotted.

Instead of running AWAY from a boss, I wound up running into THIS!

11dec vergo 01

@.@ *checks amount of resuscitation potions*

I was still in the squad from Diablo since I'd forgotten to leave, and there were a lot of WOG members present, so I tried to ress as many of the fallen as I could, while simultaneously avoiding all those damn bosses who were making bloody nuisances of themselves.

11dec vergo 02

*mutters* Vergo the Cursed is apparently a bully. Never goes anywhere without his posse. Probably thinks he's fly....

...Never mind that he DOES fly.

That was SOME introduction to two of Granado Espada's biggest, most sought-after bosses.

[That just makes them sound like they're eligible bachelors or something! *headdesk* XD]


Anonymous said...

Only level 66? You've been blogging forever...

Why does WoG bring low levels when they can't even hit?... Not trying to offend you but... WoG is just trying to create more lag that way...

NineMoons Family said...

@ anonymous

WoG allows us lower levels to come along on raids as additional buff and ress forces. some of the members bring damage-dealer teams without support, so we take on that job for them.

it also allows us to gain experience in tackling these bosses, so we already know what to do the moment we become eligible to join as damage-dealers ourselves.

as to the rest, that is my own business.

thank you for visiting.