Saturday, December 15, 2007

GE+Intel Machinima Workshops presscon: picspam

So there's this brewing right now in the local Granado Espada scene:


In the afternoon of 14 December there was a special lunch for the local press to not only get acquainted with the concept of machinima, but also to introduce Granado Espada as a source for the machinima, as well as a quick hit of the Fantazztic Film Awards.

The press briefing was presented by Intel Philippines and CreaM [Creative Media and Film Society of the Philippines], in cooperation with MachinimaSIA [The Asia Chapter of the Academy of Machinima Arts and Sciences] and IP E-Games. Theme: Driving Original Pilipino Digital Content Development.

The direct sequel to this press briefing was, of course, the series of machinima workshops taking place on 15-16 December at the Ascott Makati [formerly, and infamously, known as Oakwood].

Here's a quick picspam of the speakers at the press briefing:

machinima presscon01
The theme of the press briefing.

machinima presscon02
Intel Philippines Country Manager Ricky Banaag.

machinima presscon03
Cillian Lyons representing MachinimaSIA. To demonstrate machinima, he "recorded" a male fighter and a female elementalist doing an approximation of the YMCA dance.

machinima presscon04
Ms Imee Marcos, the founder of CreaM.

machinima presscon05
GEph Product Manager Ivee Feria. Her introductory presentation for GE was geared more specifically on its possibilities as a source for machinima.

She also mentioned that the very idea of the FFA came about from the many machinima fan films created by Filipino GE players ^^

machinima presscon06
A sneak peek at the theme of the machinima workshops.

pCM Veya has announced that those who reserved seats for the workshops will be receiving a Bear Package ^^

In an interview with Hero TV after the press briefing, Ivee also said that should the FFA champions be from the Philippines, IP E-Games will award them an additional set of prizes: a 1GB video card each!

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View all the photos from this machinima-mad weekend at my Photobucket: GE machinima.


paulvr173cm said...

imee marcos wow ^_^

NineMoons Family said...

@ paulvr173cm

yeah, she was witty and cool, and seemed to be extremely dedicated to her advocacy. [i can't really judge that though since i only "met" her then.]

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