Saturday, December 15, 2007

GE+Intel Machinima Workshops Saturday session 3: picspam

Continued from yesterday's doings...

After the press briefing from yesterday, it was time to come in for one of the weekend workshop sessions and at least attempt to apply the skills taught with regards to machinima to an actual video game-source - which in this case was none other than Granado Espada.

Ran into Mena first and we talked about Versions 2.4 and 2.5. [In particular: the current poster/splash image at the GE fansite. Check out that crossbow chick!]

[You can read Mena's account of his workshop session here: The Intel Machinimasia Movie-Making Workshop.]

Later on the boys of Casa Reclusion showed up as well.

machinima workshop01
LOTS of people showed up for Session 3, originally slated for about 2pm but somewhat delayed due to technical difficulties.

Want to see the prizes up for grabs for the actual workshops were? Sure you do:

machinima workshop02
From top: 8GB iPod touch, gift certificates in an El Nido envelope [El Nido is a famed beach resort in Palawan province], the glass trophy, Intel Core 2 Quad-enabled PC tower.

Several of the organizers said that the PCs being used in the workshop were actually up for sale. That meant just the PC towers, actually - peripherals not included.

machinima workshop03
The unit at which I tried to see if I had grasped the basics of machinima properly.

Cillian Lyons was once again on hand to briefly introduce machinima, and cracked the same joke about the word and its origins in a typographical error - something like "Next time you make a typo, tell 'em you're making up a name for a new digital artform...." ^^

I had a few stories in mind going in, but wound up going with a semi-serious tale in which Ashandarei, my Jack the Engineer, plays a widowed father to Ravashi, my elementalist. The pair mark the death anniversary of Ichigiku, my Adelina Esperanza, who was once Ashandarei's wife.

...Unfortunately, I don't have the machinima on hand. I borked the save, and so the file was lost. I guess I'll just try to reshoot it on my own and upload it here so you can see it.

Clowning around after the session:

machinima workshop04
From left to right: Darrick, Nate, Mena, DeSanggria, and NineMoons.

machinima workshop05
Product Manager Ivee, pCM Veya, Darrick, NineMoons, and DeSanggria.

Losing my first machinima video meant I was no longer in the running for the prizes in the pics above, but I'm happy to have gone home with this freebie from the nice people at Intel:

machinima workshop06
A 1GB Apacer flash drive!

[Yesterday's freebie from the press briefing was a neat little webcam unit.]


Because I was in the workshop trying to make that lost video, I was unable to attend the Nimrod Bridge Invasion event - but never fear. Arcleaumont writes a stirring entry - with the screenshots to prove it - here: Cloverfield: GE style.


If you're all fired up to make your own machinima, then try entering the GEph community's Community Favorite competition for lots of nifty in-game prizes! Check out the announcement at pCM Veya's blog.


View all the photos from this machinima-mad weekend at my Photobucket: GE machinima.


Anonymous said...

OMG pinost nya talaga ung pic na nakapikit kami hahahah :p


NineMoons Family said...

@ darrick

sorry, pero yun lang yung meron ako na halos kumpleto tayong lahat sa pic eh XD

Lady 'K said...

Nagpunta pala kayo, sayang. Same date din sana tayo. :)

*yehey 1g usb stick!*

NineMoons Family said...

@ lady 'k

ah, sunday ka nagpunta? uu sayang nga pero I had to go to the Saturday session because of the Colony Wars coverage ^^

and, yes, woot for the 1gb na flash drive ^^

sali ka rin ng community choice ha?