Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trial Colony Wars: Who got what?

And, apparently, the strategy of the day was fairly simple:


Trial Colony Wars
The World Map of Granado Espada, with the Colony owners's names, moments after the Trial Colony War session's end.

To no one's surprise, Yakisoba Faction not only captured the most Colonies during this trial Colony Wars session, but also seemed to have made a point of capturing the colonies located on the high-leveled maps. See above: Ustiur Zona Uno, Scorching Plateau, and El Tierra Blanco.

During this time, Cervantes server also tried the heck out of the "Declaration of War" mechanic, re-implemented with today's patch [as was the fix with the Ustiur maps]. Many factions attempted to declare war on each other, in some cases to try wresting a Colony away, and in others simply for sheer fun.

Congratulations to all the factions who won themselves Colonies during this trial session!

[Of course, this being a trial run will mean all the Colonies will revert to being free-for-all after the 24-hour maintenance, and we all get to watch once more as the factions battle it out again next session.....]

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