Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

And here are Chimal, Tuon, and Aurana, all dressed up, all at Level 4x, and all ready to go!

Chimal is, at present, one stance level away from getting Invisible Stalker.

As I managed to find her a unique staff - the Familiar Staff - she'll switch over to it at Level 44.

Tuon is currently leveling Heaven or Hell. And it's a good thing that over the course of her travels she's picked up two rings that will help her with this stance: a Pistol Shot ring and a Slash Down ring.

And since I've also put together the Idge's Series of Armor, expect more screenies of Tuon after she hits Level 44.

And Aurana has almost mastered both First Aid and Fortitudo.

*dabs away a tear*

Oh, they grow up so fast....

[This, of course, means that I have to start spending my Vis on the following items: pistol bullets, magical orbs, and - for the first time in my Granado Espada career - resurrection potions.

Not to mention the gear I've got to pick up for the secondary teams....]


Speaking of secondary teams, I have two in mind for more fun on Cervantes server.

Secondary Team 1: Emilia / Bernelli / Adelina. Emilia will be my healer, Bernelli my ranged, and Adelina my tank.

I've been collecting rifles over my travels, so guess what Bernelli will be using.

And Adelina will likely get her double sabers stance, to be followed by saber and pistol.

[Thanks to fellow Æphemeral member Thoraine for the correction!]

Secondary Team 2: Elementalist / Scout / Catherine. My fire elementalist Ravashi makes a comeback and assumes the strange role of leader / primary damage dealer for this team, which by sheer necessity must start from Level 1.

I'm thinking of getting a male scout this time.

And then of course there's the Catherine that I plan to put together - honestly, who in Granado Espada doesn't dream of this doll? I'll make the Catherine of Strength and throw all my other melee weapons at her.

That's a lot of names to think up, too....

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