Thursday, June 14, 2007

Secondary NineMoons family 01: online!

NineMoons secondary01

Welcome, from left to right: Korika [Emilia Guliano], the healer; Ichigiku [Adelina Esperanza], the fighter; and Shahnti [Grace Bernelli], the rifle-woman!

NineMoons secondary02

Having just completed the Three Skulls quest from Adelina Esperanza, I've assembled my backup NineMoons team on Cervantes server.

I didn't know how tragic Adelina's story REALLY was until I went and looked her up at the forums.

It's a strange team, I know, and hardly original [I've lost count of all the other similar teams I've already encountered], but it's something I've been promising myself I would do since Closed Beta.

Family status:
Levels - 36 / 32 / 24 [Adelina / Grace / Emilia]
Stances - Middle-Guard / Standing Shot / First Aid
Location - Tetra Hill

Where I got the names this time: I made "Shahnti" up. Honest.

As for "Korika" and "Ichigiku", they're the names of geisha, as detailed in Liza Dalby's excellent book Geisha. Liza herself carried the name Ichigiku during her time as the only Western woman to ever become a geisha; and one of the women she developed deep friendships with during that time was a former geisha who had taken the name Korika.

Off to level them some, and hopefully complete Adelina's backstory quest.


And what are y'all going to do during today's 24-hour maintenance?

I hope to see some of you here, and to hear your comments too! ^^


filsimmer said...

Just finished my Flash Comic related to Granado Espada. If you want to check it out, check my blog! :D

Whew! Good thing I had something to do during this LONG maintainance period! :D

Hope to see you at Saturday!

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer

*goes to read the comic*

see you Saturday~!

Anne said...

nearly going crazy without GE. hehe.

might probably update my GE blog in VOX (which i haven't done in such a long time).

see you saturday!

NineMoons Family said...

@ anne

looking forward to your update - and to Saturday too!

cheers ^^