Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Æphemerals try out a faction raid!

Logged back into the game tonight after running some errands, and the first thing I find out in faction chat is that they are making plans to do a faction raid. Target: the Treasure Golem, the dreaded boss of the Tetra Dungeon.

And it was a motley crew indeed that showed up in the Tetra Antiquities Room, where that boss can be summoned by means of a Key item: faction members Soruco, Rydralle, Dalmacus, and Fleva got there first, then NineMoons [me, of course], and last but not the least, Thoraine.

[Before you ask: yes, I was the goat - or the lowest-leveled member - of the squad that we formed. T_T

I'm leveling as hard as I can, thank you. Hoping to reach 4x in the next three days....]

Here's me and Rydralle playing around a little with the poses before we started the raid. Sorry the UI's on - I wouldn't be able to identify the families otherwise.


Dalmacus summoned the Treasure Golem, and we defeated it after getting nearly everybody killed, except for Fleva. While no one was able to capture the screenshot of the first Golem going down, here are the screenies where we celebrated our victory.

Here's the unruly crowd, with the UI on so you can pick out all of our names.

And here's the orderly shot, in which we all lined up and did the point-to-the-front pose that means victory in a mission.

It's off-center because I'm near the end of the line.

I spent a lot of time dead during the three raids we attempted, but I managed to get these pictures of the next two victories anyway:

That thing went down in the very next second.

And that AoE never materialized - that third Golem was killed before it could complete the spell.

[Incidentally, yes, I HATE Atomic Power Stomp - the Golem's AoE attack - with a passion.]

Somebody said "Chimera" for next time - but I have the bad feeling we need to have the WHOLE faction - all 50+ of us - in for that one.

If only, at least, so I won't be the goat of that particular raid. :P


Erialis Rydralle said...

hi goat. kidding xD dun worry u'll catch up soon.. u really should make use of the afk function.. hahaha..

NineMoons Family said...

@ rydralle

I just did...and when I woke up my fighter could do Heaven or Hell, YEAH~