Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Granado Espada roundup: Open Beta, Trial Colony War

...Wow, they are really moving fast, aren't they?

Extended Maintenance announcement, including date of transition to Open Beta phase.
There will be an extended maintenance on Thursday-Friday, June 14-15, lasting approximately 24 hours.

Open Beta to begin on Saturday, 16 June, to coincide with the launch party in Singapore and the ToyCon 6 event in the Philippines.

Trial Colony War: an anti-lag tip.
With the Trial Colony War slated for tomorrow evening, 2000-2200 GMT+8 [8-10pm if you're in Singapore and the Philippines], maps with colony managers may lag for other gamers - so they suggest turning down the graphics options.

I'd still prefer anti-lag items and armor, like those in the world broadcasts the week before the last maintenance. With pluses too!

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