Saturday, July 7, 2007

An update after getting caught up in real life....

Hey all! I know I haven't been updating in the past few days, much less leveling that much - as he already pointed out, my faction leader Harbin has cracked the 5x level, making it imperative that I do the same.

[Thanks to Thoraine and to Kraft, especially, for giving me such nifty items to help keep me going.]

In any case, I DID manage to achieve level 44 for all three characters of my main Cervantes team - and here's the picture to prove it:

That's my +4 Familiar Staff in Chimal's hands; and those are a +4 Templar Sword and a +4 Nedler in Tuon's.

I picked up the Familiar Staff while grinding in Tetra Ruins, if I remember correctly. The Nedler is a gift from Thoraine.

Do I also get to mention that this picture is also my current desktop wallpaper? I'm proud of my girls right now, I really am. ^^


Still talking about the July print issue of Game!, here are a couple of shots of the magazine in question. I bought a copy last Friday and was pleased to see what they did to my article - check out the pics!

Excuse the non-Granado Espada cover. This is only so you know what the issue looks like should you luck out and find a copy in local bookstores and mag shops.

Here's the beauty of the back cover, though - another version of the Granado Espada posters, this time with Pirate Adelina, a female mob that I'm assuming is a boss character [anyone know what she's called?], and Romina!

And just as a teaser - here's the first page of the article. Hope it whets all your appetites into going out to buy the magazine.

[Also - I find it so right that the girls on the first page actually make up my current Cervantes team.]

If you look closely at the screenshots in the article, they are of my Pachelbel NineMoons family of Ajimbura, Ryaneen, and Shizumi - the team I created expressly to write the article with. I must have taken over 80 screenshots of them and of their interactions with the NPCs and RNPCs just to help me out.


In Granado Espada PH news - look out and start saving up! The Limited Edition Box Set is coming our way, and first rumors say it's about PHP3000!

@.@ Okay, that's a lot of money, but man, anything for an Emilia the Sage... must start saving my money.....

Also: I've got some ideas for the fan contests they're drumming up - which ones are you joining? You can join any or all of the following: Best Fansite / Fanblog; Best Fanfiction / Fanpoetry; or Best Fanart.


DeSanggria said...
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filsimmer said...

Yay! I'll make sure to grab one after my hosting stint at the Fun Ranch at Tiendesitas. Maybe when I see at an event, I'll have it signed by you! :D

NineMoons Family said...

@ filsimmer


*lol* at the signing thing :)