Sunday, July 8, 2007

Colony Wars Weekend: Saturday results; a new team!


Above, please see the results of Saturday night's Trial Colony Wars on Cervantes server.

Yes, there's a name conspicuously missing from that map, and here's the reason, straight from the faction blog: Yakisoba had a BBQ party and could not join the Colony Wars.

Tonight's Colony War promises a helluva lot of drama, all things considered.

Congratulations to GoD, Dominion, CARNAGE and Wetworks on their Colonies!

[Will update again tomorrow, after the other Colony War.]


After a surprise gift of a Panfilo de Narvaez character card from Thoraine, may I present my current main team on Cervantes server:


For lack of a better name - and just because he's Getaboshi Ossan - I named this Panfilo Urahara. ^^

He's currently equipped with two Knight Swords, with the proper enhancements plus a nice set of options; some good armor; and a bunch of nice accessories.

Tuon remains my main fighter with her Heaven or Hell stance, and is the main reason why Urahara is actually surviving in the NineMoons family's current training grounds, Theuringenwald Lakeside.


It's the first time I've added a male character to my Cervantes barracks, and this promises to be a lot of fun as for the first time I'm training two fighters at once. [Thank goodness for small blessings such as Panfilo's abnormally high HP.]

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