Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Something nice happened to me last night....

...while I was attempting to level up my NineMoons girls in the Tetra Catacombs [or Underground Cemetery, the game refers to the map as both].

I saw a world broadcast by Harbin, the guy who started the original comprehensive stance guide in the Closed Beta forums, and wound up PM'ing him about when he was going to migrate that guide to the new forums.

Moments later I get an invitation to join a faction - for the first time! I never even got so much as a whiff in Closed Beta, and now this!

I was a bit wary and had no idea who the invitation was coming from, so initially I refused it.

Then Harbin PM'ed again and asked why I wasn't interested.

Aha! Enlightenment! Knowing now that the faction invitation came from him, I requested a resend, and clicked on "Yes".

So now I'm a proud member of the Æphemeral Faction w00t~!

Hopefully the faction will soon get a blog or a site or even just a set of forums, and then we ought to be set.

[Hello to the following faction members: Beardwald, Serenada, Pan, Dalmacus, and of course Harbin!]


Jac said...

congratulations on your enlistment 8)

NineMoons Family said...

@ Jac

thanks ^^