Monday, May 21, 2007

A brief gripe, and an idea

Whenever I want to play Granado Espada, I have to dress up and take a stroll to an Internet cafe located very near my place.

I can't say enough about the owner, who spends an awful lot of time thinking about his shop. He's putting the place through an upgrade at present, bringing in a few new units to satisfy the excessive demand for the games that he installs. This owner makes a point of searching out and installing new games in his machines, including Granado Espada of course. It's all in the name of customer satisfaction, he says.

I wish that I had such glowing words for the clientele, though. Instead, all I'll say is, there's this particular game that's uber-popular in the shop now, and it causes some of the most horrific lag I've ever seen.

I can no longer count how many times my poor NineMoons girls were killed because of the lag induced by these customers and their mania for that game.

So, on to the idea that I had while suffering through another one of those interminable lag-induced dead spells:

What if I start writing fanfictions for Granado Espada, and put them up on this blog? I'd be talking about a few vignettes, one or two character studies, some really short stories, what we call drabbles just to challenge my conciseness skills, that kind of thing.

The characters, of course, would be drawn from my NineMoons families. I have four now, one on each server, and that makes for a fairly large pool of potential characters. The RNPCs and some of my friends would make cameos and help drive the plots. And the stories would be in the form of letters and documents created during the families' stay in the New World.

This would also be part of the mini-celebration I'm having at present, and a thank-you gift to everyone who's been kind enough to visit this blog and leave their comments.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

weee^^ i'm all over this hehe funny enough i was planning to do some involving hrin and you as well lol.

wow thats kinda hard to log on the web..i had forgotten that internet caf├ęs are quite more usual over there :( im really sorry i suffered that odyssey when i did not have my own line at home -pats your back- i've suffered as well when those other games made ppl go "l33t" "die joo nub" and others -_-

i tried to get shine but mah oh my i broke weapons a lot^^ still had fun. On the Enhancing subject well i was refrerring just to add maybe some nice music from ge and maybe organice the info so it all looks glamorous, not to brag but^^ like in my blog lol, just something that looks harmonic and nice..i pormise we'll keep the old newspaper feeling^^ its the best.

my my i'm making such a long manifesto here^^ somebody is influencing meee XD...hope to see you soon and sorry for the anonimous i'm at work now and soo forgot my blogger login..but you know its me^^, if you like we can chat whenever you're on just add me up on msn or yahoo, they share contacts^^ ok now im really making shadows

Jacquot Alastor

Jonas Diego said...

Stories are always welcome. :)

Mia said...

Stories are always good. ;)

If I may ask -- in what area is your gaming cafe? I'm not sure whether the one I usually go to already has GE.

NineMoons Family said...

@ jac

exactly what involving Hrin and me was it? ^^

organizing stuff sounds fun, too.

good luck enhancing your weaps :)

and what's your family name? so we can chat in-game :)


NineMoons Family said...

@ Jonas and mia

thank you for the encouragement re: the fanfiction.

@ mia

the shop's in Bulacan. ask your suki shop's owner if he can install GE; shop owners may know, and they're often okay with new games [at least, those I know].

Jac said...

@NineMoons^^ well what do you think there oh? hehehe a comic vignete of course^^

weapons so tough to make it shine hehe, but i try to keep my current level gear at least in +4 as ironically as it may seem you're so far off in levels in short runs to the cafe while i try to step on your toes on the weekends!^^ lol

My family name is Alastor ^^ my my isnt it grand? theres Jacquot the brave musketeer, Ferah the bold fighter and Celine the stunning elementeer^^

organizing its indeed nice,i'm pretty sure that all efforts put in the blog will come out for the best..we'll get to that on its proper time^^ look forward to chat in game sometime

Your devoted reader
Jacquot Alastor

NineMoons Family said...

@ Jac

a comic vignette with me and Hrin. hmm. *assumes thinking pose*

Alastor? then I'll soon be adding you to the friend list ^^

really happy that you have fun reading, thanks.