Saturday, October 27, 2007

Picspam: the view from Oktoberfest, early evening

Last night I was able to drop in at the Oktoberfest closing party at Metrowalk in Ortigas, though I couldn't stay long because I took ill about three hours in. [Hopefully it was just something I ate...] I left at around 8pm, but before that I managed to take a few pictures of new friends and good ones.

The Granado Espada freeplay at the Gamefrog PC/Internet shop was temporarily sidelined by the maintenance needed to patch in the Tiburon's Scarecrows quest event, so we took the first few pics:

copyright NM-01
"I raided the New World at the Granado Espada Raid Party 2007!", featuring a female Scout, Grace Bernelli, and pirate Adelina Esperanza.

copyright NM-02
"I turned the New World upside-down at the Granado Espada Raid Party 2007!", featuring a male scout, Diego/Yeganeh, and Grace Bernelli.

[Gee, they sure love Grace at IAH XD She's been on a lot of the posters!]

Two new GE posters, both with the theme of "Granado Espada Raid Party 2007". Wish I had them both, though I prefer the first one.

Then here's a group pic of some of the early bird GE players who showed up:

copyright NM-03

From left to right: NineMoons [me], Fiksdotter, pCM Veya, Welling, DeSanggria, and Conteza [Norwin].

copyright NM-04

copyright NM-05

copyright NM-06

These three photos show Lobishomen [the girl] and MirageEros [the guy] from Carebears faction in Vivaldi server. She's the faction leader, while he's one of her deputies.

A good amount of fun was had by all, and, I hope, a lot of beer. [Apparently the promo had been buy beer, get 1 hour of GE freeplay.


For other photos from last night, please click on the link for my Photobucket album.


Will also be posting about the bloggers meet afterwards, so please watch out for that too, hopefully later tonight.


Quick quest note: a list of Tiburon's Scarecrows locations and coordinates can be found at Ihave0life. The final 6 locations are still marked as unconfirmed, but I think they're valid, because last night people were confirming them in Cervantes server via /broad.


Veya said...

too bad, sorry for taking your medicine eventhough you're also sick yourself ~.~ thanks for the alaxan though ^^

thanks for also dropping by~! goodluck on the meeting. :)

NineMoons Family said...


will update about the meeting in the morning ^^