Sunday, October 28, 2007

NineMoons hosts a bloggers' meet and goes to New Worlds 5!

[I always knew there was more than one reason why I wore that Granado Espada shirt... ^^]

[Lots of pictures in this one - apologies to those on dial-up, please be patient!]

the first Granado Espada bloggers' meet
present: NineMoons [me], DeSanggria, Welling, Fiksdotter, Darrick and Nate of Casa Reclusion, and Mena. We were also later joined by Rosso [my partner], who took many pictures.

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-01
Clockwise from left: Josh/Fiksdotter, me/NineMoons, Marvin/Mena, Nate, Darrick, Anne/DeSanggria, and Rob/Welling.

We were able to discuss a lot of interesting topics, such as the difference between the economies in PK and in non-PK servers; the dynamics of the factions we each belonged to; the actions of the Filipino players in each server represented [in this case, Cervantes, Caravaggio and Carracci]; and even a few secrets about AFK leveling and spot-choosing.

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-02
From left to right: Nate Reclusion, Darrick Reclusion, DeSanggria, Welling.

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-03
From left to right: Fiksdotter, NineMoons, Mena.

On the other hand, I also talked about some ways in order to optimize blogs, such as extensive use of linking to show community and solidarity, as well as providing extra information and acknowledging sources; the use of ranking services such as Technorati; and the use of feed services such as FeedBurner and FeedBlitz, among others.

We also discussed the concept of blog ethics, and the use of our blogs as a platform not only for our love of the game but also to discuss real-life issues that affect us. This included Fiksdotter's elaboration on this entry, and a conversation on what we can do about it.

I must give props to DeSanggria for this comment: most of the people who came to the blog meet had previously already been blogspotted by RCM Hrin. In addition, all of the current members of the Vespanola Times Colony Wars reporters' group were present: the Reclusion brothers, DeSanggria, and me.

Before the meeting broke up, we took a few photos, with poses. Here's mine:

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-04
From left to right: Darrick Reclusion, Nate Reclusion, Welling, DeSanggria, NineMoons, Mena, Fiksdotter.

[Given we were meeting in a McDonald's branch - no comment on my pose in this one! XD]

We're going to try and organize a second blog meeting very soon - preferably around the time of the Christmas holidays. Many thanks to IP e-Games GE Product Manager Ivee Feria and to pCM Veya for the goodie bags ^^

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NineMoons drops in on New Worlds 5

New Worlds 5 is the country's sci-fi, fantasy, and general fandoms convention. This year it was held at the Glorietta central atrium, which unfortunately was still suffering in the wake of the still-unexplained explosion from last week. Nevertheless, the valiant fans were still there to show their fandoms off, and because I was wearing one of my GE shirts, I fit in just fine~!

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-05
From left to right,
Lucido, then NineMoons.

One of the first persons I ran into was none other than Lucido a.k.a. Ligaya. She's kitted out as Sang'gre Danaya from Encantadia in the pic above, but she also brought her Brunie Etienne costume and a River Tam [from Firefly/Serenity] outfit as well.

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-06
From left to right, NineMoons, then Crowe.

Here's Tanya Obedoza a.k.a. the Crowe family, dressed as Kaylee from Firefly/Serenity. A famous face in the local cosplay community, and the mom of the very cute Akira, who was dressed up as Catherine the Summoner at the 15 September GE launch.

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-07

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-08
A really GE moment, in which my friend Ranulf [of the Highlander fan group] and I fenced with foam weapons. I wish I could say I did Adelina Esperanza proud in this one ^^

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-09
That is a real person dressed up as Star Wars android C-3PO, and I just couldn't resist having a picture taken with him!

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-10
And that's Rosso with the golden dude. ♥ to them both, but particularly to Rosso ^^

Just before we left to watch Stardust I asked Rosso to take one more pic. This one is of me with Hiro Nakamura, geek, time-traveler and swordsman from Heroes:

copyright NineMoons/Rosso-11

Granado Espada represent! ^^


To view all the pictures, please click on this Photobucket album link.


Ligaya said...

Bakit walang hug pose sina Anne/DeSanggria and Robby/Welling? XD DDDDDDDDDDDDDD {gets shot}

Also, your picspam owns me. ♥

Thanks for the update! v^_~v

PS Dek of NWA was wearing my Brunie costume at the time. Stand-in daw muna siya sa Black Pearl Philippines, lol. X3

NineMoons Family said...

@ ligaya

first and foremost - ayaw ata nila. or alliver and i were just unlucky, we never got any pics of them hugging :P

how was the con? i realize medyo malaki ang problema with the venue and all.... what happened that night?

Ligaya said...

Well, the con was okay actually. To be honest people didn't come in till 3 or 4 pm. The growth in the audience was thanks to the very persuasive hosts for the day (Alec of Cybertron and Oneal in the morning and early afternoon, then Karen Kunawicz, Will and Hank of Black Pearl Philippines for the rest of the programme) telling everyone that geeks don't kill people and that the con was free. ;3

There were around 20 registered cosplayers. They kinda cancelled a lot of panels though, which was sad. :( (I was surprised that they pushed through with the martial arts fighting demo though!) I couldn't really focus on the event since I was stuck at our booth. v^_^0 But, you can check out the New Worlds forum for more information. d^_~b

NineMoons Family said...

@ ligaya

bwahahaha it was Karen and Will I remember as hosts. they were asking if there were geeks and nerds in the audience, and I kept waving my hands. when they asked if it was possible to be both a nerd and a geek, I started jumping up and down! XD

[remind me to tell you how I met Will some time - it's a really cute story ^^]

I think I saw the movies panel going on behind the Heroes posters at some point.

[I remain tickled by the fact that Sark from Alias and Veronica Mars are now in the show, other than Uhura from the original Star Trek....]

Glad the con went okay. Maybe we should organize the GE fans for the next one! [and yes, we shall cosplay! I want to be a female fighter in Gladiator armor.....]