Sunday, August 26, 2007

Colony Wars update and fun with DeSanggria: PvP and Baron mode!

Before anything else, here's the results of tonight's Colony Wars session:


Congratulations to the following factions which acquired and / or defended their colonies: Dominion, Yakisoba, CARNAGE, Vendetta, Orb, CloudNine, Anonymous, Vradical, and DarkCrusade!

I'm wondering now if there will be a wipe of this map tomorrow - remember that in this entry it was stated that from 29 July until commercial release, there would be no wipe of the Colonies.

Well, we've made it to commercial release - is this a last hurrah before that happens? Stay tuned!


Last week after the Colony Wars session DeSanggria and I agreed to do something we'd never actually done before then: we made an agreement to meet each other in PvP today and see how much we both had to learn with regard to that feature.

Before I tell you what the results were, here were the line-ups we used:

NineMoons - Aurana, scout / Tuon, fighter / Chimal, wizard
DeSanggria - Cyradis, scout / Alaena, fighter / Verdandi, elementalist

We decided to do a best-of-three match and met up in the City of Auch on Channel 3.

And...I won!



Which only means that when the inevitable rematch rolls around I'd better do my best~! ^^

Good game, girl!


But the fun doesn't stop there! After our match DeSanggria and I decided to go farm for Catherine parts at the Torsche Mansion dungeon.

We saw a bunch of bots there and out of sheer curiosity, we tried Baroning some of them!

I did manage to hit one family, but they logged out before I could complete the kill.

In stark contrast here's DeSanggria as a Baron, after she managed to whack 2 bot families!


Woot girl~!


And finally, a bit of a change in the current line-up:


This would be: Aurana, First Aid / Fortitudo scout; Ravashi, Possession Ice elementalist; and Shahnti, Standing Shot Grace Bernelli.

While attempting to level Ravashi at the Tetra Ruins so that she could use her nifty elite stuff, I managed to pick up a Daemon Shooter - so I promptly rotated Shahnti into the line-up so that she could make good use of a good rifle! And it's because of that gun that they've both leveled up very quickly at the Tetra Dungeon.

I think I'll stick with this team for the moment, at least until Ravashi makes Level 28. Then I might go back to my regular line-up to continue farming at Torsche Mansion.


Props to DeSanggria and to Welling for sharing the fun at i-Hooked Katipunan tonight!

See you around and happy hunting to all~! :D


DeSanggria said...

great game! haha..nervousness got the better of me, and yes, a rematch is in order sometime soon.

still have to beef up on micro management. XD

next time let's hunt for bots uli! hahaha. too bad i had no soul crystals on me..i could've gotten the grave stone for that. XD

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

that might become our new side-quest in GE - seriously hunting bots ^^

let's have a rematch soon!

DeSanggria said...

@nine: oo yun lang naman kaya kong i-baron eh. hahahaha!

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

same here XDXDXD!