Tuesday, August 28, 2007

An entry full of surprises!

First off, a big CONGRATULATIONS to Welling for being the first to have his blog spotted by RCM Hrin. You'll all have found out by now that for the next few weeks, she and members of the IAH Granado Espada team will be highlighting blogs and blog posts about the game on the main site.

And Welling was the first to be spotlighted! Big props to you, dude!

[If you want to join in, you can sign up at this forum thread.]


Next up, this piece of news, confirmed by Tsubaki himself: Yakisoba Faction is disbanding! Oh dear me. Real-life concerns have left the Yakis no choice but to take a temporary hiatus from the game.

It will be quite interesting to see how the politics of Cervantes server - not to mention the Baron points, and future Colony Wars sessions - will be affected by this new development.


A couple of nights ago while getting my elementalist Ravashi up to the magic level of 28, a player named Liqueur began announcing that he/she would be dropping all of his/her items in a town. As I was grinding at the time, I decided to let the opportunity to score some stuff pass by, as I was loath to give up my spot in Tetra Corridor.

Imagine my surprise later when Liqueur then announced that he/she was giving away all of his/her money to the player who could guess where his/her in-game nick had come from!

That, I decided to go for, as Ravashi had by then made 28; and immediately after Liqueur's broadcast I PM'd him/her my guess: Silent Mobius anime?

[Learn more about Silent Mobius at Wikipedia.]

And here's the result of my guess:


Thanks also go out to pCM Veya for the gift of a pair of Divine Angel Wings, currently being worn by my Sabre Garde fighter Tuon.


Doesn't she look so pretty? ^^

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