Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Granado Espada roundup: commercial launch is at MIDNIGHT!!!

Hey all! I bring you a Jaclina-load of Granado Espada news as the Open Beta phase winds down into its final hours!

RCM Hrin's latest updates at the main site include:

- the brand-spanking-new official videos page
- a brief discussion of security concerns in the face of scamming and hacking incidents [in which case I reiterate my call for the Axlander family in Cervantes to be banned - they're spamming the world broadcasts with ads for the SharpGold RMT site!!!! GMs please do something about that!!!]
- upcoming events, including Andre Janzur's Ladies' Fashion Week, an upcoming in-game event, and the major launch parties in Malaysia and the Philippines
- and the deadline for the free 90 days has been extended: until 10am tomorrow morning, if you have at least ONE Level 20 character in your Granado Espada account/s, you can enjoy the free 90 days of gameplay!


from pCM Veya's blog:

- the nifty clock counting down to the Philippines launch party for Granado Espada
- the GVCs that will be available in the Philippines, which will be in the following denominations: PHP300, PHP100, and PHP50
- details for the Granado Espada National Tournament
- details for the launch party, such as the location and some of the activities [cosplay, celebrity guests, band appearances, offline quests]. head over to the latest post for just a sampling of the prizes up for grabs at the launch!
- and the teaser for the e-Games Evolution mall tour, dated 16 September


Finally, I've been following DeSanggria's posts on her upcoming cosplay, The Idge Project and I've got to say, that looks like a really good costume!

[Between you and me, though, it's that huge-ass sword I'd really like to have - but how the heck do you steal something as big as that? XD Just kidding!]

And not only that, this line from the latest Idge Project entry really caught my eye:

...but I do hope I can organize a small pictorial of sorts with my friend who's going as Brunie Etienne on the event as well.

Both Idge AND Brunie are coming to the 15 September launch??? I'm so there with my digicam!!!

Edited to add: Desanggria told me that fellow GE player Lucido will be the Brunie cosplayer! A reunion is in the offing!!!! ^^


DeSanggria said...

commercial phase at last! woohoo! *confetti*

haha, lesse if you can haul that sword out of the venue alive. mwahahaha! just kidding. i'll let you swing it around if you want (take note need super muscles to wield it XD).

NineMoons Family said...

@ desanggria

(take note need super muscles to wield it XD)

halata naman eh! XD

that, and a lot of free space in which to swing!

think I'll just pose with you and your friend Brunie ^^