Sunday, July 29, 2007

Colony Wars update: new rules! Plus other updates

New rules for Colony Wars!

There will now be weekly Colony Wars sessions to be held every Sunday night at 2000-2200 Singapore time, starting with tonight's Colony Wars.

More importantly, there will be no reset of the claimed/captured colonies until sGE goes into commercial launch. If your Faction claims a Colony or Colonies during tonight's session, you can attempt to defend your possessions from all comers until, at least, the second week of August. [More on this date below.]

Now let's see the results of tonight's Colony Wars!


Congratulations to the following Factions who claimed Colonies: Yakisoba, CloudNine, CARNAGE, Anonymous, Vradical, and Norgard!

And good luck to you all as your defense of your possessions begins next Sunday!


More on the August thing: RCM Hrin has announced that the new Granado Espada patch, V. 2.1.18, will be released on 16 August 2007.

This patch includes the much-talked about Mercenary Contract and Character Trading feature, as well as Irawan, the Muay Thai fighter and new RNPC.

Caveat gamer: the commercial launch will NOT be on the 16th. However, the fact that the patch is almost online means that the commercial launch will be coming soon, and with it, the announcement with regards to the game's business model.


Quick family news update:

server: Cervantes
family name: NineMoons
current members: Aurana, First Aid/Fortitudo Scout - Tuon, Heaven or Hell Fighter - Chimal, ESP Wizard
48 - 48 - 48


I took that screenshot a couple of days ago, and at that time, Chimal was still leveling her The Illusionist stance.

The important bit, however, is in the visible Equipment pop-up box: however briefly, I had made my very first million vis!!!!

Of course I promptly blew the loot on some new weapons and armor, so I'm back to below that amount of money in the bank, but oh well~!


I should really get started on those new fanfiction entries for the Granado Espada PH website and for pCM Veya's fan teaser contest...........

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