Sunday, July 1, 2007

All-servers EB at TriNoMa Mall in Quezon City, Philippines - quick report

I was able to drop by the all-servers EB [Eye Ball - a personal meeting] organized by the Caravaggio faction PasawayProphecy today. Held at the fifth floor of the newly opened TriNoMa Mall in Quezon City [Philippines], the call time was set for 11am. On the agenda were the Transformers movie, a quick meal, and possibly a drinking session - but I showed up for the discussions of Granado Espada that were sure to crop up among so many players!



I was the lone Cervantes representative at the event and wound up being the target of a lot of good-natured ribbing to come on over to the faction's server, Caravaggio.

Of course I'm staying with Cervantes for now. ^^ Maybe after my characters on Cervantes make it to 100, guys.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet up with pCM Veya who managed to catch up around 4pm. It was a good EB while it lasted for me. My apologies that I was there for only a short while [and thus can provide only a short report]; but I'll try to make it up next time.


Hey, Pinoy factions!

Got a meet-up or EB scheduled? Send me the details so I can help promote your events! Email me at, or PM me in-game ["NineMoons], or drop a comment either on the main blog or on my chatbox!


Anonymous said...

too bad no show and tell eh? xDDDD

NineMoons Family said...

@ anon

[I know who you are....]

yeah, too bad I guess. ^^